MaidSafeCoin (MAID) - Price & Trading topic (Part 1)

I can’t see this happening. Conventional stock market wisdom would say that whatever causes MAID to fall to $0.03 would take it swiftly to $0.00. I don’t see any potential cause for this in the near future in crypto. Most are holding onto thier coin, and others are waiting for the right time to buy; especially beacuse we are likely to get alpha 3 this year, which greatly de-risks the principal tech for the network.


I think the network will be delivered and will be a success. No doom and gloom there. No doom and gloom on the safecoin price long term either.

At the moment the maidsafe token is too heavily dependent on the bitcoin price movements, seems to be taking it down.

Could also the majority of maidsafe holders be just general crypto traders who have no deep understanding or this project, probably not looked deep enough to realise this is not just another blockchain project so more likely to apply general trading and ship jumping financial instincts.

In token form, I wouldn’t be unhappy with a further price drop. A price rise would definitely also make me very happy.


Maidsafecoin goes to 0.05 i will buy 1 million. But i doubt that will happen.


Would you buy first at 0,05 and 1 000 000th at 0,2 ?

at 0.02 i would buy another million :slight_smile::blush:

If it goes to 0…i have told in this forum that i will move to Ayr and live with David and Nick…everything is well planed :trophy:


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Anyone else notice the series of sharp impulse jolts on the Crypto markets?


Edit: I don’t think there is enough “blood on the street” yet. I think we have a lot more down to go, more emotional shocks yet to come.

Today I learned I’m a contrarian investor.

Contrarians, as the name implies, try to do the opposite of the crowd. They get excited when an otherwise good company has a sharp, but undeserved drop in share price.


Brexit vote effects?

Yes, apparently USD and EUR fell against GPB when May’s deal was rejected. I suppose the market thought the deal was bad for the UK too!

I’d say most of us who have been in the scene for a few years are, especially MAID holders.

My guess is it’s due to the Cryptopia hack. Who knows what they got away with and what effect it will have on markets.
Probably just knee-jerk as usual.


Ethereum fork was delayed, price dropped and I think ethereum has gotten large enough to be able to drag the whole market down now, just like bitcoin.

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Price drops are not the real issue. It allows more time to accumulate Maidsafe coin. The only real risk is delivery of a working network and we should know where this sits by the end of calendar 2019


Wait…did you not have charts showing opposite number with predictions of USD1 in Dec just a few months back :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:

Credibility my dear Zoki…Credibility…

1 GB space more or less hasn’t that big of an effect that it used to have :wink:

after 10 years, there is no one useful case of Maid. What is a pity!


Thousands of people would beg to differ…


I think plenty of useful cases, but not launched. The devs here have developed many useful sites/apps and more. We could even do a maid-kitty and maid-DAO as well, I am not sure they would be useful though (yea I love cheek on a Saturday :slight_smile: )

I would say in projects, look at the vision, is it sensible, does it feel right, is it achievable, are there any proof points so far, what’s left and so on. If all this adds up then you are onto a good thing and hopefully helping bring value to the world. We all win. I don’t know any other way that works or makes sense.


Would these require multi-sig? Is multi-sig currently enabled?


Not currently but will be for alpha4 I believe (don’t quote me :slight_smile: )