Poloniex trading thread

This is taboo subject, but as a community of investors I think we should help each other to reach a consensus of the daily market on poloniex of a simple survey of personal intentions whether the market is a “uptrend” "stable’ or “down trend” and if you are "buying’ “hold” or “sell”

I think this will keep interest in the forum and get people coming back…

For example today market my judgement is stable market and I am holding to 95-96 range.

The drop from the high a week ago I think was triggered by New York traders getting out. The drop started the same time as poloniex announced New Yorkers could no longer use poloniex.

Now that the deadline is hours away it seems to have settled and I expect that as each sprint finishes the price will slowly rise as confidence in SAFE increases and people buy ready for SAFE network running live.


I don’t recall such a drop for other crypto-currencies as a result of the New York issue. It seems more like a controlled market altogether, considering there are a few holders that seem like they are megawhales; and this drop reflects a similar drop that happened during, well, the previous drop months ago. Last year I had no interest in trading for more potential coins, but this time I’m kind of wishing I would have sold some (which is a result from a little bit of shaky faith… that still ultimately doesn’t matter whatsoever given that Maidsafe is so comparatively close to being finished now).


Don’t forget to factor in the activity on the closest star to the planet ‘the sun’ into your observations. And also don’t forget activity happening in Andromeda from space aliens, and Captain Kirk, etc. Because without all that it would be incomplete analysis :stuck_out_tongue:

I think this is what makes talking about trading a taboo subject.


My thoughts was just about a daily analyse or weekly of the market trend for a little bit of fun.
The taboo is that people often push the price in a direct of self interest of FUD or HYPE and people get offended. I also think the drop was to do the announcement of the etheruem project and the price had reached it’s top with no more BTC to push the price higher.

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I also think its possible that the drop was caused by a margin call on Poloniex.

Now that they have added margin to the site, certain leveraged buyers will have ‘forced liquidation’ during steep drops, which amplifies what would have already otherwise been a big drop in price.

I think it’s good to have a discussion on trading as well, as there is definitely a reflection of what ‘the market’ is expecting from the project, good or bad, right or wrong.


Other crypto currencies may have more exchanges to move to. For MaidSAFE, Poloniex and Masterxchange are the only game in town, and Masterxchange is very low volume. So a New York investor has to make a decision whether to hold MaidSAFE till it can be exchanged for SAFEcoin, or participate in a less liquid market at Masterxchange.

If they don’t like those options, Door #3 is liquidation now.

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Absolutely nothing taboo about discussing the value or perceived value of anything. Some view maidsafe as an investment, some view it as a technology, some view it as a tool for social good and some view it as all of the above.

Talk all you want about the price of maidsafe if that’s important to you.


To some people Maidsafe is probably in a similar 2.0 category to Etheruem. I bet some people have sold MAID to buy Eth.

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ETH selling at about 10 - 20X the Crowdsale price I read on Twitter.

There aren’t too many Crypto projects out there that have that type of inherent upside, but SAFE is definitely one of them.

Amazing to see what happens to the prices and volumes of these currencies when the hype cycle kicks in.

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With trade volumes this low, any individual’s decision can move the market. And when trade volume goes up in the future, it will mostly be moved by what everyone thinks everyone expects.


I bet those people sold ETH to buy MAID.

The people whom invested into mining rigs will buy ETH to use their investment in the crypto space. others like myself gives the average person will use maidsafe to lower the cost of investment by seeking farming rewards. The average person has not the ability to have to spend thousands of dollars of investment into gpu mining rigs but everyone can cheaply use there own computer resources to farm for safe coin. most alt currency is continually created as a giant ponzi scheme.

At the moment ethereum and maidsafe are in a mythical space of wonder and speculation booth will only grow by only by the energy and content are input into the system.

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This is the key point to me.

Bitcoin lit a fire under decentralization, digital currency and the blockchain. But now Maidsafe and Ethereum are the only two projects out there, that I have seen, which can take this movement to a whole new level.

If $GOOG and $FB are titans of the ‘centralized’ era, then $ETH and $SAFE are going to be pioneers of the ‘decentralized’ era IMO. Still a very, very early game and room for lots of new players, but these aren’t the type of projects that can be put together overnight.

From a trading perspective, it is only a matter of time before the broad market wakes up to this and demand goes mainstream. I suspect there will be some kind of a global catalyst for this, beyond what we have already seen, but I think from a Markets perspective in general, it will be fascinating to watch and fun to trade, if you got in early ; )


It was an unfortunate event tbh, i wouldn’t be surprised if it hit 0.001 or lower in the next 24 hours, they basically told all exchanges to hold for 24 hours, kraken exchange didn’t listen, so you had a very tiny amount of coins on exchanges , causing a hugely inflated speculatory value , even more so once transaction began to come in to other exchange i.e poloniex, there is still a 24 hour hold on deposits, this is causing the market to be massively overly inflated . 100k of ethereum caused the price to drop like a stone introducing it onto the market over the space of 3 hours, now imagine the other 60 million , and its still at 15 times the ipo purchase price, so expect a lot more dumping.

maidsafe i would say came down in price shortly after the announcement of a week delay in this current sprint , most markets are heavily manipulated , and soon after the announcement you saw the price being driven down, likely on purpose to try and accumulate more at a lower price, with the knowledge that there are a few delays leading to some investors having uncertainty and possibly scaring them into selling their coins.

I am defo buying more maidsafe thou , now is definitely the time to buy .

Expect a similar price reaction as ethereum for maidsafe once the network is up and running and people are trading in their maidsafe into safecoins.

This will cause a huge lack of fluidity in the exchange, you will have most people trading in their maidsafe coins, but because of the impending release, an increased interest in buying , it will take a few days for the methods of buying safecoins on the actual network to take effect. like the decentralized exchange and such.

so what you will have is a large amount of coins being taken off of poloniex by users to convert into safecoins on the safecoin network, while the increase in interest will be likely greater than ever before, leading to a increase in value for maidsafe coins that will likely be a over inflated valued but will drop a day or 2 after the network is live .


ethereum is down (-99.99%)

I wonder if tomorrow it will be down 99.99% again?

I am astonished every day when I look at the maidsafecoin price. While the technology has yet to be proven, I find it incredible that people give it so little value currently.

Maybe the complexity of safe net and the fact that it doesn’t use a blockchain scares people? Nothing else makes much sense to me.


Haha, thats because someone as the first trade bought a tiny fraction of ETH for 10 BTC

Hopefully for him he bought them from himself, or else it’s an expensive trolling attempt.

Still, Ether has gone down a lot, I won’t be surprised if it crashes further. I’m extremely happy with the intermediate MaidSafeCoin, which gives a lot of certainty. Imagine we didn’t have MAID and our investments were locked between IPO and SafeCoin launch. What a chaos that would be!


I do not think anyone bought into the buzz of ethereum on this forum, It is more of interest how it effects the maidsafe price over time. For me this is about when to put more btc into maidsafe and when sell to rebuy when maidsafe is lower with the up and down trends. AS the moment btc has dropped in price and maid seem to be steady it is time to buy some more, and maybe the ethereum investor may switch there investment to maidsafe because they may not see any growth with ETH for some time…