Develop Native Android DApps on the SAFE Network (Video)

Java Developer Lionel Faber walks us through the latest SAFE Network release. This release of a Java API, alongside the Mobile SAFE Authenticator app and decentralised developers can now develop native Android apps on the SAFE Network. Lionel also gives an overview of the tutorial and how best you can run it to get started developing with these new APIs.


This is great, @lionel.faber. I’m not much closer to doing it myself after watching this, but I really do have a much better sense of how the work is done. :blush: Takes some of the mysticism out of it for this simpleton.


Was thinking the same thing, this is just copy/paste :sweat_smile: (yeah right clueless consumer!)

Great stuff @lionel.faber super comprehensive for devs

:exploding_head: When Maidsafe devs make a tutorial, we’re almost close to seeing a Codecademy course :exploding_head:



We like to keep it as simple as possible so that even developers who are fairly new to the Android platform could get the application up and running! Some inspiration there from @fergish! :sparkles:

You’re welcome to try it out! And remember, you can always ask questions on the Dev Forum :wink:


Hi @lionel.faber I’m keen to have a try at some stage. Is there an Android IDE & emulator you’d recommend for Windows and/or Linux? It’s all new to me.


Android Studio is pretty standard for native Android development. I’ve used the same in the video too :slight_smile:
It also includes a built-in Android Virtual Device manager which will help you create and manage your emulators.