Please remember the forum guidelines and the reasons for having them

As launch approaches there will be increasing attention paid to this forum. Currently we are in the Alpha phase of development approaching Beta. Once we are close to or in Beta testing many eyes will start focusing on Safe. Beta could be coming anytime, and when it happens these eyes will be increasingly looking at this forum.

We need to respect each other in a global sense because people will not only be judging Safe on its technical aspects but also the character of people it attracts.

They know little of the philosophy surrounding the project, its reasons, and benefits to society it will bring. We are and will be increasingly a global community seeking freedoms and privacy of their/our digital lives and these new people early on will be looking at this forum to determine if Safe will be a suitable technological solution to achieve their freedom. Consider wisely how people will view bickering and hateful words against other community members, individuals, or broader societal groups when they are evaluating the worth of Safe for their lives.

Also the mods will be enforcing the guidelines to make sure that the community is healthy and inclusive for everyone, and focus on the tech as we approach launch. Off-Topic will remain but be mindful every post you make.

Forum Guidelines

Please treat this discussion forum with the same respect you would a public park. We, too, are a shared community resource — a place to share skills, knowledge and interests through ongoing conversation. This forum is family friendly. Keep that in mind when posting a reply or topic.

General Rules

Do not do any of the following:

  • Flame or insult other members.
  • Start flame wars.
  • Bump topics.
  • Derail topics.
  • Post links to phishing sites.
  • Post spam.
  • Create topics/replies for the sole purpose of causing unrest on the forum.
  • Repost closed or deleted topics.
  • Repetitively post in the incorrect topic.
  • Post any topics/replies containing porn, offensive/inappropriate content or anything else not safe for work. This includes links to websites with that sort of content.
  • Threats of violence, harassment or blackmail (even as a joke).
  • Racism, discrimination, sexism.
  • Abusive language, including swearing.
  • Create and use multiple accounts/sockpuppets.

Also remember:

  • Avoid gratuitous negativity. Critical thinking is good; shallow cynicism, on the other hand, adds nothing of value to the community. If you have something important but negative to say, that’s fine, but say it in a respectful way.
  • Not every new person knows where to find which information so try to be as helpful as you can.
  • Speculation on MaidSafeCoin/Safecoin is only allowed in the Price & Trading topic.
  • Religious, political, and other “prone to huge arguments” topics are only allowed in the Off-Topic category.
  • Moderators use a yellow color to show when they act on behalf of the moderation team.
  • Posting altered swears with asterisks or other symbols that are still recognizable as swears is considered swearing and is not allowed.
  • Moderation is quite binary. Something is in line with the guidelines or it’s not. There’s no time to send out PMs to ask you to make certain changes and we won’t edit posts for you if we get that request.
  • Respect the privacy of PM (Personal Message) conversations, where what is acceptable is a matter for ALL parties and not just for one of the parties.

Crowdsale Rules

For apps and projects that use the SAFE Network

Forum members who are at least at trust level 1 are allowed to promote their crowdsale to fund their project on this forum. The following rules apply:

  • Crowdsales for projects that will run on SAFE are only allowed in the Apps category.
  • Your project should be built to run on the SAFE Network.
  • You should have already done your due diligence as to how SAFE works by investigating the demo applications / APIs or contributing to the codebase.
  • Make it clear what your project is about and how the technology of SAFE is used to reach your goals.
  • Make it clear how the funds are secured (multisig/escrow?) and specify how you will spend the funds.
  • Share at least one full name (with links to a social media account or website) to show people who you are.
  • Being listed on this forum does not imply endorsement from MaidSafe (the company) or the SAFE Network community (the members of this forum). MaidSafe pays for this forum but it is run by community members and while you may list your project, no claims of endorsement by MaidSafe can be made without the company’s explicit permission.
  • The moderators/admins of this forum can only support projects on an individual basis. If any of the moderators/admins have a role related to the project (advisor, developer or other) this should be made clear in the OP of the topic.
  • Members should do their own due diligence before taking part in any crowdsale.
  • The moderators/admins/MaidSafe are not responsible for any outcome of any crowdsale.
  • Moderators can remove crowdsale topics that don’t apply to the rules stated above and will remove clear attempts to scam the members of this community.

For apps and projects that don’t use the SAFE Network

  • Crowdsales for projects in the cryptosphere are allowed in the Related Projects category (these won’t show up on the front page) but only if there’s a link to the technical aspects of the projects as well.
  • Creating new topics in the Related Projects category is limited to members at trust level 1 and above.
  • Links to a crowdsale page without any further information will be removed. You need to provide a proper explanation of the linked content.
  • Promotion of any of these projects outside the Related Projects category is not allowed and will result in the removal of the topic and a possible ban for the user.
  • It’s fine to discuss projects that are not related to SAFE in the Related Projects category, but individual support queries about a project’s tokens, wallets, payments, Ts&Cs etc. should be posted on that project’s own forum/website rather than asked here.
  • Try to keep discussions about Related Projects about the purpose and technical aspects for the most part. The category is to learn about other projects and not so much about trading/investing.

No Backseat Moderating

Let the moderators do the moderating. Backseat moderating is when people who are not moderators try to enforce the forum rules. If you see a person breaking the rules, just use the “Flag Post” button or simply ignore the offensive post(s).

  • If your post is deleted please check the General Rules (above).
  • Contact @moderators by PM if you have any questions about moderation.
  • Comments on moderation are allowed only in the Meta category or by PM to @moderators.

Repeated Offenders

Repeated offenders of the above rules and guidelines will be warned or immediately banned. Any moderator has the ability to ban a user for violating the rules at their discretion.