MaidSafeCoin (MAID) jumped 22.5% today

Insider trading?! I expect the Beta launch of SAFE in April!! :smiley:

Really it has been done with very low volume. When some relevant release will be launched is supossed to do a “frog´s jump” :eyes:

So I don’t think you can expect beta to be launched in April @Anders

April 2016. Just kidding! It’s just that I predicted April 2015 in another thread, with the knowledge that it hardly would be possible, but who knows!

Right now I think the jump is a lot of bot activity to pump and dump. I’m watching trades on Poloniex right now and the traffic is just to automated to be real but I could be wrong.


I don’t think that 44.5 BTC of volume comes from bots only, but the market is very thin so we can easily go down in price again.

The recent price increase is due to someone FOMO most probably :smile:
What I more interested in is the price of 1 Safecoin in 1 year time :smiley: and the health of the network

recent price increase is due to someone FOMO

It was actually a Poloniex regular (chickundinner) who wanted to prove that the sell wall was generated by bots, and he was right. So I suspect this increase in value is largely due to human and bot price wars. :wink:

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My opinion on the cause of the rally:

Technical analysis came into play. Bots operate on algorithms that use technical indicators, and the perfect storm just hit over the last 10 days with the daily price data, easy to see on the charts at poloniex.

On April 3rd there was a low MACD crossover, signaling potential uptrend. April 8th there was a move and close above the 30 day EMA, which provided lower support holding despite the April 10 volatility. April 11 poked above 50 day SMA, April 12 close above 50 day SMA, then April 13 MACD crossover to positive. All of this with solid volume.

And more long term combination fundamental / technical: The IPO price provided strong support through three hard dumps and sustained criticism.

And on the fundamentals, the team is continuing to provide detailed updates.

So the reason for this rally is at least these factors, and not as simple as y’all presume.


Maybe a spike due to Rik Falkvinge mentioning it on his youtube today…

about 4 mins in he mentions maidsafe but unfortunately says it works off the blockchain…


I don’t think a guy with 56 views on his video where he makes a brief and incorrect reference made that much difference.

Probably a combination of things. I think @lowry_jim is right.

Didn’t BTC also fall by the same amount that day?

Isn’t that a possible cause?

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Nope, maidsafecoins is traded for BTC not USD.

If the maidsafecoin seller liquidated the BTC they received for the sale it could be the reason…

HI there, This is Chickundinner, I’m very active in the Poloniex exchange and have been explaining MAID to the trollz one-by-one as they ask questions. Yes, I bought a large amount of MAID over the weekend, but only to add to my current stack of MAID, which I bought on the IPO. I did knock down the 10,000 Sat wall, and then even bought more. I am continuing to buy and will pick up as much as I can over the next few weeks. My hopes are to integrate a project I have been working on for a few years now with the Open Transaction API, which uses a federated server architecture. I am hopeful I can somehow use my MAID stash to get another federated server going for added security, but regardless if it works or not as a federated server, I love MAID and much like Pringles; once you pop, you just can’t stop. So I also enjoy owning MAID as a personal long term investment. I’m not planning to sell my MAID, but I do plan on buying the MAID from the sellers who are only trying to flip them. Sell me your yummy MAID. Nom Nom Nom. See you all at the SF meetup next Friday! Cheers, Chickundinner.


You’re going to be a rich man! I sometimes wish I was born a few years earlier so I wouldn’t be a student anymore and would earn enough money to buy considerable MAID pre-launch as well. The price will likely have skyrocketed by the time I can afford it.


May God hear you son :smiley:

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Thats what they all say, until they’re all dead broke… lol JK my piggy bank is slowly getting filled too. Not sure for what purpose yet, but I cant hurt.

Hey there,

Last night I took out most of that 40 BTC sell wall (with some help) at 9700 sats on Poloniex, then took it to 9999 Sats. I’m tapped out for now, but it would be great if we could keep it above 10000 sats until release. If everyone can pitch in a little and buy some more MAID, we can shake out the weak hands and bots and hopefully be over with the manipulation.


Sir ChickunDinner