MaidSafe to market to Financial firms?

This right here is an interesting development

I see a lot of positive if MaidSafe could persuade those firms to deposit their files on the network. That’d generate a lot of publicity and make items like SafeCoin instantly acquire some fungibility. But more importantly, it could generate traction and uptake of alcoins like mastercoin for transactions etc, since those firms would be operating altcoin too.

One thing I should add is, most cloud networks these days can be snooped on by spy agencies, this would not the case with the Safe network. Those firms tend to prize data security over anything else.


Yes we have been speaking to one very large financial institution off and on and have an open door to their head of infrastructure. What we need to take these discussions forward is a minimum viable product, which we are close to (for me this is test net 3, but others may have different views.).

Financial institutions are crying out for solutions to the many security problems they face today, some are throwing billions into just keeping their existing systems propped up. Moving to a secure and private service that we believe will operate at a fraction of the cost of existing, even public clouds, is pretty compelling.


I marketed to a local SMB Fintech guy in the pub the other night, telling him how servers are never going to be safe, p2p is the way forward and to get his company on board asap…at least I think thats what I said :slight_smile:

…and after reading this comment regarding Bitcoin:

The ability to transfer money instantaneously, globally in a fraction of a second without the need (and rent-seeking) of a third party is such an improvement over the current system. I believe market forces will embrace a more efficient system based on a cryptocurrency

I remember the local Fintech guy coming out and saying the Reserve Bank of Australia are enabling a real time system for payments…basically admitting they have deliberately keeping the clearance mechanism in the dark ages for the arbitrage or gambling opportunity with our money basically.


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I guess we all knew this was happening, but nevertheless shocking when it is confirmed. This is why decentralisation is required and why crypto currencies are such a good thing. They are great for their own sake, but they also force the existing system to dramatically improve. I personally see no role for banks as they currently stand in our future.