"Could Safecoin be the next Bitcoin?"

I wrote a first draft of an article about Safecoin/MaidSafe and I would love to get input from you guys before I make it public and share it.

Don’t worry about hurting my feelings, give me your honest feedback.


(Note that the title of the article is slightly misleading. This was done intentionally to attract attention. :grinning:)

Could Safecoin be the next Bitcoin?


Nice article, I like it. I’ve nothing to correct or add.



Couple of very minor things that might help. I’ll PM you.


Informative article well done. I might only add that it might be worth mentioning how Safecoin is different to bitcoin and how that may affect it’s usability as a bitcoin replacement. Mainly Safecoin divisibility as was discussed (on and off with some off topic discussion) here and here.

I think a few people see Safe-“coin” just assume it is an alt-coin that follows Bitcoin divisibility standards, but AFAIK that is probably not the case so worth a mention.


The paragraph that starts with, “If MaidSafe’s project”…I have a question about, “…you could soon have a way to log into Facebook and your other online accounts all with one password…”. Is this an accurate statement? Are you referring to MaidSafe apps that are equivalents to the likes of Facebook, or are you actually talking about online accounts outside the Safe network, such as Facebook?


Great little intro to this technology. Short, sweet and to the point.


Great article @brianbbad. I have only one comment which is the same as @Hyperion35 - that you give the impression SAFE network will provide an interface to existing websites, whereas the one-logon-no-servers feature relates to the entirely encrypted SAFE network, and is not designed to interface with websites on the existing internet. If you have any questions about this I’ll be happy to try and answer them.

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It’s a great article. It would be nice to mention how there are Farmers which provide the decentralized P2P hardware for the network and Builders that are app developers which create MaidSafe apps and websites to run on the network. Could also mention the types of apps that can be made. The one paragraph I mentioned is a good spot to explain the technology or maybe create a different paragraph. It’s a great article. Just some thoughts… I know it’s hard not to make it too technical. Great job.


Great article. Like it. You have a good style. I have a comment, a suggestion and a question

  • Your audience is well past the Mt. Gox scandal and reference to Mt. Gox makes this story seem stale, which you dont need, and anybody writing about Maid needs to be seen as “current”. Nobody talks about Mt. Gox anymore.

  • Something you could add is Factom’s President Peter Kirby noting… “And projects like Maidsafe and StorJ could very well provide archival services for Factom users.” in an inteview with CCN 11/2014 https://www.cryptocoinsnews.com/factom-whitepaper-released-new-service-leverages-bitcoin-blockchain/

  • Can you tell me what you mean by “Companies such as Factom and 21 Inc. aim to add innovative functionality to Bitcoin beyond remittance solutions.” ?

Hope this helps.

Thanks for your input, guys. I’ll post a second draft Sunday or Monday.

Nice article.

In the patent bit you seem to imply that patents are held by Maidsafe - the for profit company. I believe the patents have been transferred to the maidsafe foundation - a non profit charity.


Writes article on Safecoin, only accepts Bitcoin donations. Class. JK, good article.

  • Can you point to any writer who at this moment accepts Safecoin donations?
  • How else can you buy MAID, except with BTC?
  • Most people understand - I wonder if you do - that BTC and MAID can be sent to the same address if the author has the private key to it.
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It was a joke dude… you know humour… as in ‘ha ha’


Here is the second (final?) incarnation of my article. Thanks again for your replies.


Strong work my friend. Loved it and love the community.


Nice job. The second to last paragraph is a bit awkwardly worded and in my opinion throws off the rythmn a bit. You might want to widdle it down a bit, or maybe not use it.

You have a tense error on the last paragraph:
Only time will tell how big of an impact the SAFE Network has (should be “will have”) on everyday internet users.

On the paragraph about farmers, as a suggestion, to be more specific, you could say “computing resources, such as hard drive space, processing, and bandwidth” or just leave it alone of course lol.

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I like the article Brian. :slight_smile:


Nice job Brian. The article does what it should do: It introduces Safecoin to a larger audience.


Well done @brianbbad

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