Interest in SAFE by renowned businesses

Ethereum benefited greatly by the fact that IBM and Samsung and now banks are looking into their technology
Has Maidsafe been contacted by renowned organizations / businesses?

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I don’t know about that. But if there’s one cryptocurrency that could be used in your local supermarket it’s Safecoin :slight_smile: Think about it, transactions in under a second, that’s even faster than grabbing real currency out of your pocket. Smartphones using NFC should also make it possible to transact between person A and B with this high speed. The cryptoworld is not used to this so far. They’re used to blocktimes etc.

Same for internet of things. Why would one want to open a hotelroom using an App that uses a slow blockchain? I don’t really get it. Seems to me that blockchain technology is a hype.


Good question, and it wouldn’t surprise me if MaidSafe hides a few names in their sleeves… :wink:

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That’s why I was asking, the team always has surprises in their sleeves for us :slight_smile:

Once SAFE is ready it will speak for itself and they won’t need to go after any companies or anything like that.

All the companies will come chasing it down themselves. I’m sure the team knows this.

So they really don’t have to


I know the team is really busy, but I would love if @nicklambert could throw in some info about this :smile:

There are a couple of companies/organisations we are speaking with, but these are all at a very early stage. We are not pushing these too hard at this point, focussing instead on getting the technology into a useable state and letting it speak for itself before starting to fully engage. Once we have an early version of the network up and running we will push these relationships much more.

Some of the other things we are doing will also feed this. We are currently planning the ramping up of our awareness through a PR and marketing campaign and I think a lot of companies will approach us, although we will not be relying on this, we have our own list of organisations we think would be a good fit.

I appreciate that this is a slightly vague response, but hopefully you’ll appreciate that it would be foolish to name the specific companies we are speaking with at this point.


I totally understand and to be honest I was expecting a “vague” response to my question.

Anyway nice to know the team is working on this aspect as well :slight_smile:


Same feelings here. Thanks @nicklambert for honest answer!


Knowing you guys, I bet Mozilla is one lol, just a harmless guess tho (the FF extension)