How do we better educate the public on SAFENetwork? Sway opinions and such

Hello All,

I always think it important to see how the public views maidsafe and I stumbled upon a recent posting here today:

Many points the first reply brought up would be close to the stance many would take on the SAFE network that have not done their DD. Would it help to create a public website of pure Q/A’s on every single aspect of the network with code samples and unit tests to back up the claims? I mean some things simply can’t be proven until we have beta and launch the thing, but certain public misconceptions are still very much alive as seen in this post.

A few rebuttals I would have to this are as such:

side from the obvious problems of having your data hijacked, inaccessible or beyond what you can afford to store and retrieve, you could easily rent cloud storage from Amazon, IBM, etc. and encrypt it yourself.

If self encryption was so easy, everyone would be doing it for the past 20+ years, yet still today millions of accounts and personal data gets compromised regularly, so there is still major value in offloading that from user responsibility to happening in the background.

Their model is slower than storing secured data in the cloud, unlikely as reliable, and unlike AWS, etc. with a fixed monthly cost, you’d be dealing with fluctuating data store/retrieve pricing.

Not necessarily if content is smartly cached and moved around in the network as has been proposed(has this been implemented yet? Idk. I do still harbor some latency concerns but hopefully tests will prove the latency to not be a huge detriment) He obviously did not read into realizing data retrieval is free but indeed how to address fluctuating data store pricing in terms of fiat USD vs Crypto could be a frustration to some users.

Again, quick glance but it appears there’s limited amount of SafeCoin. The miners earn it, but you need it to use the system, so everyone who uses it needs to mine, and if you don’t have enough SafeCoin, well, tough luck, you can’t access what you stored.

Once again, not enough reading has been done here. There will be a large portion of SAFECoin out there to farm, the supply cap and plans to release into the network over years and years will ensure that scarcity will not be a huge concern for real users of the network.

This seems really prone to miners collecting most of the coin and “owning” the network, which then serves no purpose because only they can use it. Or worse, extort people to get at their data, if they haven’t stored it elsewhere.

Invalid see above response… Also not “miners”, and this dystopia of extorting people to get safecoin to retrieve their data can never happen… remember the free GET calls mate(oh wait but you didn’t even read about the network so there is that)…

P.S. Keeping data away from “The Man” is as simple as just encrypting it yourself, and hoping “The Man” doesn’t decide to slowly cut off your body parts until you reveal your secret key. This just changes The Man to the miners who own most of the coin.

Been hitting home this point that all the coins are owned by a central entity or a select few. Simply misinformed.

And from the outside if you had never heard of the network, all these replies make basic sense which is what really sucks, we need to be out there best educating the public in the friendliest manner possible on their goofs. Or better yet a wiki or central clean easy place where most of the basic network questions/answers are well defined and succinct that we can just point people too(and not say plz go dig in this cult forum we have :smiley: ).

Granted you really can’t make people believers until they see it so I guess that should still remain priority #1, we will just have to take solace in knowing the little crown jewel we have here before the public really accepts it.


Looks like a case of people believing what they want to believe. The subreddit /r/Buttcoin is -surprise surprise - sceptical of all things crypto and attracts like-minded commenters. Nothing wrong with that but it would have been helpful if they had dug a bit deeper before giving the world the benefit of their ‘wisdom’.

Publishing a set of rebuttals to counter frequent criticisms is a good idea. There is already a Wiki of course but it’s a bit out of date in some places.

So maybe we could think about an FAQ on the MaidSafe site, a Reddit AMA, an addition to the Primer…


How do we better educate the public on SAFENetwork?

You don’t.
Just create an app that runs on the SAFE Network and get people to use it. If you do this right, it will be like this.

Just create apps, make sure your users can earn SAFEcoins and have fun. Education is only needed for companies.



I think this is a great idea and I’m all for it. Totally agree with @19eddyjohn75 that popular apps will always be the most compelling - but in the meantime, building up a list of questions/misinformation that we currently see out there together with answers will help us all - from those out speaking/running meetups etc, to empowering everyone else in the community to jump in when other communities/sites are talking about the SAFE Network. I know that people have done this in the past in different ways (via the Wiki, separate forum posts etc) but it feels like it’s time to start bringing all of these things together - at least in terms of answering the top X number of questions. Ties in nicely with other things that we’re doing and builds on top of the Primer work. Maybe the first thing to do would be to start a crowd-sourced forum post where people list the most common questions?


Wow. It’s like people just don’t bother to read anymore. It’s a curious brand of intellectual laziness. From the get go, the OP was asked to provide an opinion. Instead of performing the research to provide said opinion s/he immediately outsourced the work to unvetted third parties, whose opinions s/he isn’t equipped to verify.

The very first post on the reddit thread was so full of erroneous assumptions it was difficult to know where to start cleaning up the misinformation. At any rate, I’ve attempted to sprinkle some commentary throughout the Reddit thread to highlight what’s simply wrong and to encourage people to actually dig into what Maidsafe and the SAFEnetwork is.


Yep - a fine example of the Dunning-Kruger Effect in action! Nice work on the thread BTW


I’ve added my voice.

If dgerard is the David Gerard (author of a blockchain take down book) I know from twitter this is good, and I’m probably the person who he says has been pestering him to look into SAFE.

If so, he’s obviously capable of doing better research than that, and I’ll rib him about it if I can confirm it’s him.



a fine example of the Dunning-Kruger Effect

Easily rectified, type ‘whoami’ at the prompt:

earth\bipedal primate

David Gerard’s blockchain book is extremely biased, it written with the single goal of trying to show that cryptocurrencies and related technologies can not work and never will. I bought it some time ago to see if I could learn something interesting about problems with blockchain technology that I hadn’t thought of or heard of before, but there wasn’t much to get out of it.

Gerard seems to hate cryptocurrency as a concept and decentralization in general. His book is largely a big rant about various problems with cryptocurrencies, and while the issues he describes are in many cases real problems, that doesn’t necessarily mean that they’re unsolvable. It seems like he thinks that every single problem with cryptocurrencies is unsolvable and therefore it’s doomed. In a lot of cases it also seems he just lacks the imagination to see how any of this technology can be used.

If he does end up reading more on SAFE I would guess his anti-decentralization ideology would just make him hate it.


Hoping the Silicon Valley show will come through in choosing to get the point across with humor.


Seriously–I think fiction and media representation can be phenomenal forces for this stuff. The whole reason I’m here is I had watched Silicon Valley before reading about SAFENet an entire year later, so I made the connection, and jumped aboard.


In the coordinated marketing campaign thread, someone mentioned a company that specialises on writing up sci-fi fiction about new technology - as a marketing thing. Illustrating within a story (could be movies even IIRC) how this technology would form part of everyday life or whatever it was supposed to be part of.
Since so many consume trends and form ideas through various forms of storytelling, it is actually a quite smart method to create a public awareness about a new technology.


Yeah, I made a thread about an idea I had a while ago. Here

Still haven’t written it, but yeah. Let’s invent the SAFEPunk genre.


I learned about this two days ago, while watching this



Every day I thank God that I don’t suffer from illusory superiority, unlike those other idiots.


Memes (n.) bite-sized nuggets of satire which open short-lived teachable moment wormholes of cognitive dissonance.

Little different topic, but when someone is doing research about decentralized internet this is what he can found on 1st page with google results:

no.2 (Blockstack is a new decentralized internet where users own their data and apps run locally. Take back control over your digital life. A browser is all you need to …)

no.5 (The Authenticator. The Authenticator showcases a new secure mechanism for network access control that is bundled with the SAFE Browser and incorporates …)

no.9 (Substratum – Earn cryptocurrency through the Decentralized Web. … anyone to allocate spare computing resources to make the internet a free and fair place for …)

I think that text next to Maidsafe will not lead to clic on and there are no results about Safe network.


Right, they are building a new website for the SAFE Network right now. It is sorely needed because the current website just does not do the promotional justice this project needs. Hopefully the newer website gets the point across in a way an average joe can understand the high levels and implications of this effort.