Maidsafe Stock convert to maidsafe coin?


On my previous post about if the community was interested in maidsafe stock being added to bnktothefuture’s secondary market to allow trading, (BnkToTheFuture Secondary Market for Maidsafe Shares), someone commented that it is currently possible to convert stock to maidsafe coin? And some coins were set aside to do that?

How would I go about doing that?



AFAIK it’s not available until after the network launches with the actual token.


how many safecoin = 1 maidsafe shares ?

The original papers were 1 to 1
10% are MAID now and 5% are reserved for investors. Thats 15% allocated of the approx 4 billion.

There is a proposal of sorts to allocate 100% at launch which means the 15% becomes 100%. That would mean 6.667 SN for each MAID

But this proposal is on the back burner till more testnets are running successfully. The reason for the proposal is that it makes the coin movement system within Safe Network more secure since there is no SN to create which attracts hacking attempts.


I think Rob is confusing MAID with MaidSafe shares. From memory I think the conversion was about 70 Safecoin per MaidSafe share but you can check this in the BTTF sure by looking up the offer (or searching the forum).

Sorry yes I was @happybeing

@loool Ignore what i said for your question. I had answered the exchange of MaidSafeCoin to safe network coin.

But if the 15% becomes the 100% then your 70 safecoin for each share would become 466.667 SN per share, but only if that proposal is adopted.

@happybeing am I correct that the 70/share comes from the 5% reserved?

I think so but anyone seriously interested in this should refer to the official documentation.