BnkToTheFuture Secondary Market for Maidsafe Shares

Are other people interested in BnkToTheFuture adding Maidsafe to their secondary market? I emailed support and they said they only add companies with the company’s permission. I think it would be great if Maidsafe could give BnkToTheFuture permission to add them, there are already a good amount of companies trading on there.


I would be interested in this as well.


I don’t see any problem there at all.


I would be interested in this as well too


I’m not familiar with this, can you buy shares there? How does it differ from buying MAID vs MaidSafe Shares?


It was a series B fundraiser back in 2017, I think for shares of Maidsafe the company. You should be able to purchase shares from others if that gets set up on Bnktothefuture.

I am aware of some sellers but it would be best to do it legitimately on Bnktothefuture.

Alternatively most invest or speculate on Maidsafecoin which will get you Safe Network Tokens at Network launch.

But at the time it was a direct way to support the projects runway which was shortening. This project has had a bumpy ride but the end of the road be lookin bright!


The difference is that MAID are not shares in MaidSafe Ltd, and any share in the latter can be converted to MAID/SNT at a rate which was fixed during the BTTF share issue. You find the rate on the forum, I expect but I don’t recall.


Yes the shares were in a special type of company, unsure of type, where the company holds the 5% share (from memory) in Maidsafe. So people where buying parts of this special company not Maidsafe itself.

This is alongside the other investors who can also do this. The total reserved for all investors is equivalent to 1/2 of the issued MAID