When will maidsafecoin convert to safecoin?

how is the project going? when can we get safecoin? thanks

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This is the latest development update:

Very close to a live and global network! after the current sprint Maidsafe will start implementing messaging, (test)safecoin in the upcoming sprints.


MAID holders will be able to convert to SAFE coins when the network reaches pre-production level maturity (i.e. when the coin used becomes “real” Safecoin).

What Melvin said is “close” is “alpha”, then there would be “beta” and finally the real coin.

[Note: they have fancy names for alpha and beta version. Finding the exact terminology and the exact point of introduction of the real Safecoin is an exercise left to the reader.]


Not exactly fancy names, just no names because Maidsafe needs to test the live network. If everything works like they want to this will stay the network and (test)safecoin (which might be safecoin when it works like they want to) will be implemented with all the other features.

Calling it alpha and beta might cause confusion because your testsafecoin might have value when Maidsafe decides to keep this version during the testing of the network.

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Is there a limited timeframe to convert coins once Maidsafecoin conversion to Safecoin is implemented? Or will it be possible to convert coins forever?

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Not sure if this is decided already but I assume that Maidsafe will try to inform every as good as possible about the conversion when it’s time.


i.e. as soon as spending SafeCoin means your data is being stored forever

I don’t want to take this too much off topic, but I think the existence of this question is a proof that the names are in fact confusing.

See, I don’t even understand this explanation.
If everything (what exactly are you referring to, which (pre)release?) works as they want it, they will NOT be able to conver to real Safecoin because the data would have been uploaded for free. I wrote about this in detail in a recently closed topic which I won’t link here to further confuse the person who started this topic.

I know it might be confusing, I see it as this:

Network goes live and if everything works for 100% there’s no need to take down the network and thus can all features be implemented. The farmed coins will become safecoin.

I don’t know what they have in mind for this.

I understand it as thus

Because they are bringing in features one/few at a time it is difficult to use alpha/beta since the new features are at alpha stage and previous features are at beta or later. If we used alpha/beta terminology then that implies all features are at the same stage. Where as when (test) safecoin is introduced then vaults will be at beta or better by then.

If SAFE was built as a single program then alpha/beta terms would be the way to go. But because they broke up SAFE into the various sections they were able to stage each section through its own development cycle and made it difficult to simply use those terms.

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Just wondering if the conversion period has been and gone yet or if we are still waiting for development before launch of safecoin?

Development is still going on. Join in the discussion here - RFC 57: Safecoin Revised


Just wondering if I’ve already missed it or if we are still waiting for the launch of safecoin?
And how will we be able to convert our coins then?

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Hi @Leowalker1

Check this roadmap and as you can see we’ll have test SAFEcoins in SAFE Maxwell Network, at the moment we’re almost in SAFE Fleming Network.

Details will be released by Maidsafe later how to convert to SAFEcoins.

hope that help a little to answer your question.



Thank you @19eddyjohn75. That helps greatly. I was wondering if I’d missed the opportunity to convert. Will have to keep an eye on the dev updates from now on.

Roughly, how long do you think it will be till the SAFE maxwell network is launched?

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Ah that’s the million dollar question

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Or more … depending on how many tokens you may hold! :wink:

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Unfortunately I can’t really predict this, neither can Maidsafe I think, but they are working incredibly hard on it.

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It’s been a few years! Just thought I’d see if I’ve missed out or are we still waiting for the conversion process? I would hate to have missed out

I can see we’re still waiting for Maxwell, although it says the test coins were implemented in Fleming. I find the roadmap & the dev updates difficult to understand most of the time :sweat_smile:

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Hihi i find everything in life difficult to understand. :stuck_out_tongue: @ the moment with chapter Fleming “farming” still needs to be checked. The Maidsafe devs have really done an incredible job we’re closer to lunch then ever.

Admirable that your still around and fun to see some SAFERs taking time leaps. Your patience will be… :exploding_head:

P.s. there have been some changes, maybe check thx to @jpl