Maidsafe is on kickstarter

Hey guys,

More people need to know about Maidsafe, that why we started a kickstarter campaign. We need € 21 Million to further built the Maidsafe universe think:
Opensource version of [nymi][1] (to further secure accounts & safecoins) & advertising campaigns & professional 4K video’s explaining the ecosystem & 5000 extra developers

If you got friends and family tell them about it, even better donate if you can. Yeah I know that this is not the way that a community is suppose to function, but I felt like we needed a loudmouth newspaper boy spreading the message. If you got extra cool stuff that I can add to the kickstarter page please let me know.

Cheers & donate

Oooh here it is
[1]: Nymi by Bionym - YouTube

I don’t believe you work for Maidsafe? Maybe @dirvine, @David or someone else can take a look at this ?

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If this were real it would be a good idea but I suspect a scam.

Maybe the real MaidSafe team should set up a real Kickstarter though because that really could raise funds for various projects.

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@19eddyjohn75 where you doing this as a marketing hype thing? I’ve seen stuff like this before with vapor kickstarters just to build some attention. Something along the lines of Help Obama Start WWIII or the X-wing fighter squadron?

This one could do a lot more harm than good IMHO. Maybe I’m wrong…

I agree with @luckybit that something like this could/could have been really cool though with some collaborative thought of the community and backing by the founders.

@Melvin I think everybody who put up an account here works for Maidsafe, although maybe not on the code, but you do everything for it because it improves lives.

@luckybit just because you see €21 million doesn’t mean it is a scam. There is sucha thing as loyalty and maidsafe is way bigger than €21 million.

@chadrickm if my intention was to ever harm Maidsafe, I would have NEVER buy Maidsafecoins, projects that you don’t want to be succesfull you just completely IGNORE. Allthough it’s not much but 2 people have donated now, IMHO that means 2 more people know about the project, heck there is even 1 share on Facebook. I’m not the kind to sit and wait, everybody that is not coding should be spreading the Maidsafe word. Things don’t grow because you was talking about it on our small little forum. Maidsafe can be HUGE especially when you think about what it can do for the supervunerable internet of things.

As long as I’m concern we have 3 options

  • Kill the Kickstarter and the founder @ a later stage restart one
  • Continue the Kickstarter with collaborative thought
  • I hand over my Kickstarter account to the founders

BTW the idea behind this was a marketing campaign to show the world Maidsafe. It was just to have fun with other people out there, while hoping that they can see that this Maidsafe is real and it could improve their lives.

I hate to say it, but what made me go away from the Bitcoin community is that I had the feeling that I was dealing with a bunch of old men and people who are working in a hierarchy. If we don’t laugh with eachother, while we work hard on this, why do it in the first place? WHAT REALLY SHOULD STOP, IS TALKING ABOUT OTHERS AS COMPETITORS, NOBODY IS AN COMPETITOR, WE ARE A COLLECTIVE ENTITY. EVERYBODY is important here even people working on other projects can show us the way we can best tackle our problems. IMHO things don’t have to come from the founders persé, AS LONG AS YOUR MAKING DAMN SURE, THAT WHATEVER YOU DO IS SOLELY DONE FOR MAIDSAFE.

Dogecoin was/is growing because they have fun, to be honest, I feel that I can have that same BIG SMILE on my face while working on Maidsafe. Pledge so that we can create a MASSIVE MARKETING HYPE LOL

Don’t forget Qabel is also having fun now, but we’ve manage to show our face on the more populair Kickstarter, so spread the word, create a tidalwave of hypersonic HYPE HYPE and let’s get some more people interested in Maidsafe.

I know what you mean by everyone who puts up an account here works for Maidsafe but then please explain the rewards for backers: Silver Membership at 50 euro and Gold when you back for 100 euro? These things doesn’t even exist.

@Melvin Let’s say for some strange reason in the universe, we would reach the €21 million. Than as promised we would make a Silver & Gold membership. The membership is not that really special, it’s just a hardwarekey to access the Maidsafe system.

The silver membership, could be and NFC tag or the [Yubikey][1].
The gold membership, could be something like the [Nymi][2], although we would have to put up a team of hardware hackers to create/work on a opensource version totally decentralized. Imagine how save Maidsafe would be if it could be accessed through a hardware, I’m aware that not everybody could afford this, that why we need things like BitID & SQRL.

We should have free in depth crystal clear courses explaining how to create apps on the Maidsafe system. We should explain the common people how Maidsafe works and how they could keep their files save and make money. When we read news like [this][3] we should get in contact with these people, to let them learn people how to code for Maidsafe. WE NEED EDUCATION, if we can get all the coding communities out there to see the value of Maidsafe, we are really taking one step closer. I don’t mean to sound rude, but the Maidsafe coding should also take place on [codecademy][4], [Udemy][5]. Everybody who is smart enough about this system should be out there teaching it on every platform. People need to get a clear understanding how this works, if we open up all our doors to the world, people will come. If you are capable of making an app for Maidsafe do it in a place like codecademy, where you can teach others as well what to keep in mind. We need to understand the gravity of Maidsafe and write Maidsafe in graffiti on all the sites out there. Sites like sure could use some in depth info about Maidsafe, so if your a teacher teach.

This unruly Kickstarter project is just a raindrop, we want it RAIN, RAIN, to pour, onto everyone head that MAIDSAFE is here to stay and IMPROVE LIVES. I do apologize, that I just went out there and did this on my own, without even saying a word to 1 of the community members, but I do feel that we got to surprise eachother -In the good way- and keep eachother focused on what we try to accomplish.

Should any of you decide that the kickstarter should go down, through consensus, so it shall be.

Update we’ve lost an backer, but we got 1 more facebook share :wink:
[1]: Let’s get started with your YubiKey
[3]: Building Code To Break Poverty In Bangladesh – TechCrunch

Hi @19eddyjohn75

I can appreciate your enthousiasm for the MaidSafe project ! You should really cancel the MaidSafe kickstarter project. You are not entitled to start a public campaign in the name of MaidSafe without their approval.

Additionally in the Kickstarter rules it is clear that rewards as you give ‘silver/gold’ lifetime access to the network are not accepted. More importantly it creates the false message that you would need to pay for access to the SAFE network once it is launched. This would be a very damaging message.

So please take it down without delay and report back here when you’ve done so. If not there will be little option but to report the project with Kickstarter for violation of copyright (by @nicklambert) or for violation of the Kickstarter rules by the community.

Sorry mate, but thanks for your untamed enthousiam. Redirect it to start a SafePod under your own name ! We need the community to start building momentum, but you can’t do it under the MaidSafe name asking for money. That’s just a bridge too far.


HI, first thanks for the thoughts and I believe valid enthusiasm. At the moment we are full steam ahead with testnet1 and the examples. I would very much favour stopping this kickstarter campaign at the moment. Not to say later it is not something the community does, but perhaps differently. I believe there are opportunities for the various PODs for instance to do something along these lines as an example. In this case I see the funding for the pods worthwhile and direct to them.

At the moment this will distract everyone though and especially the in house team, we get battered to death with lots and lots of emails and blog posts etc. to respond to. This will cause many to call the whole project terrible names etc. People will think it is MaidSafe the company doing this and we really do not have the bandwidth to handle the furor again, we need time to get the work done. The traffic from even our crowd sale slowed us down way more than we thought it would, only now am I getting back to real work.

So could I ask please that you cancel this campaign and when the testnets are up lets address it again as a community to see if and how we raise money, if at all.

Again I do not want to dampen enthusiasm, but this will cause harm to us at the moment and best if it is removed for now. Please keep thinking though your grounding and basic motivation seems strong and what we need, so thanks but lets think of other mechanisms to spread the word for now.

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Your idea on mini auth projects is very good, perhaps pairing back to small kickstarters for each of these projects and building teams or pods to do it would be a good move. I am not sure yet, but these are mini projects that need done (sqrl, yubi etc.).

I do think though we need the testnets first, we are really pushing for this in house and its very hard with all the press etc. we have just now. The community is growing and not so much us anymore. If we can get more community voices first then these things will make more sense. People need to know not to come to MaidSafe the company though and they will in droves and slow us down.

More thinking required, but love the ideas, yes this has to be fun, open and everyone’s. We are getting there but maybe need to just get some pods up and running. It is happening, lets try and accelerate it though.

I agree with David. Unless we do these things in a considered and orchestrated manner it will not have the desired effect and may potentially harm the project. I’m all up for discussing and helping to plan smaller and more specific projects when the time is right, but we do need the test nets up and running first. I believe you should cancel the Kickstarter project asap, but keep the passion and great ideas for further down the road, thanks.

Hi guys I [canceled the Kickstarter][1] and sorry that this cost you time, sometimes I get so charged up by a great project that I get to overexited.

For now I will keep calm and I will NEVER again pull a stunt like this. But I hope in the future to get the knowledge and give others workshops of how Maidsafe works.

What I will keep talking about is that Maidsafe should also be on other platform besides Github. The next app that is developed for Maidsafe should be on codecademy. The benefit is exposure of Maidsafe to a learning crowd. The more coders come across the name Maidsafe the better. This is actually what we should be doing starting a list of all the learning platform, where Maidsafe can be taught.

I can’t wait till we’re up and running
[1]: NSA & People's Liberation Army proof INTERNET (Canceled) by Maidsafe (deleted) — Kickstarter


Me to, no worries, no harm. We will get there though for sure. Lots of tough days and nights ahead. Don’t think the idea is dead by any means. Lets revisit later on though. Thanks again.

@19eddyjohn75 - @luckybit and I, and many others think this could be something amazing for a host of potential maidsafe projects. As a developer with limited time and resources (due to the blessings of a good day job) this could be a way for us to finance some full time work on many of these. I hope I didn’t come across wrong earlier… and if I did I’m sorry.

Even if the motive wasn’t totally hype I think KS hype projects are fun and build a lot of attention around ideas. If we get a few of our media experts (I’m calling out @russell and @Rob for sure) and a good marketing/ads ( @happybeing :wink: ) plan going, something along these lines could/should be really exciting!

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Agreed, I am biased of course, but I think quality media coming from the community would play a huge role in shaping public opinion and building interest. Happy to talk with any devs based in SF with interest in putting a campaign together out here.

@dirvine if there’s any need for a larger campaign or for a bigger kicksterter-like campaign I’d be enthusiastic to write and produce it.
With an understanding of the talking points and target audience I would love to bounce back a few treatments for video concepts and have the equipment to shoot.
cheers all.

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Agreed. The most important thing is getting a concrete focus of what the project is. Something clear and concise that you can sum up in a minute and makes people lean in instead of breaking eye contact and looking around.

I still stand by steering away from putting too much focus on encryption and privacy, and focus on the functional gains. How do people benefit? Cheap/free storage, monetization, large-file distribution without relying on a 3rd party, etc.

Kickstarter could work, although KS campaigns always leave a bad taste in my mouth. They all seem so desperate rub me the wrong way…

I totally agree with this! I’m afraid that if we are too much focused on encryption and privacy it mostly will be people who already use TOR etc that will be attracted to the SAFE network.

edit: I think there are enough features that SAFE offers to attract a more mainstream public

Encryption and privacy can and should be included all throughout the different benefits people get IMHO. It doesn’t have to be the main selling point, but it is a huge key to most every benefit that will exist. We can figure out a way to weave it into the fabric of the whole rather than make it the whole, if that makes sense.

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No ofcourse you didn’t come across wrong, always speak your mind, it’s the most honest that you can ever do and it’s highly appreciated. :smile:

In the future, it would be nice if we do bytesize crowdfunding campaigns.
-Hardware for use on Maidsafe
-Maybe we should also do a film/video thingy, with explanation how it all started
-And ofcourse their will be a game
We should have different project on different crowdfunding platforms all targeted to promote Maidsafe and get new people to try it.

We need to think internet of things and Netflix running on Maidsafe, saving a lot of money and no headache about speed.

oh of course, security should be in the marketing and description on some level. I’ve just been finding certain groups (I’m looking at you, Dark Market/Dark Wallet/unSystem) that is just burying themselves because they’re too Rah-Rah-Rah about their politics. That’s great if you want a userbase of activists and you don’t mind alienating a larger audience.

I’m saying to take a note from an already successful company’s book. Facebook, Google, Twitter, etc. They’ll mention privacy, but it’s a subcategory under the actual functionality. Don’t waste time highlighting it over and over like so many of these companies do. Like you’re saying, weave it into an explanation

And for the love of bob, let’s steer clear of marketing it as NSA-PROOF. Everyone in the US is mad about what the NSA is doing, but the only people who get heavily vocal about it tend to be lumped in with the tin-foil hat crowd, and then immediately pigeon-holed and ignored. It’s unfortunate, but true. As soon as some clown at a bar starts yammering on about “The Man watching us, bro,” I exit-stage-left. Immediately. I want to know how something will improve my productivity. Security comes second to that. I think if we’re using the 80/20 rule, 80% of folks fall into that category.