Maidsafe on Keiser Report - E639 & E640


It would be cool if the community put the word out about this and sent the link above to friends and others who they have as social network contacts…think about it. This is a great opportunity to help others learn about MaidSafe.


@hamiltino It seems that your link has changed to a playlist from RT.

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For those who want to cut to the chase, the MaidSafe segment starts at 13:00

@hamiltino maybe put this in the OP?

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or use this link: - YouTube


Nice to see Nick making an appearance, he’s well spoken. Seems like Max is giving the guests a little more room to speak theses days, which is nice.


I think it’s more that his wheels are turning and he wants to hear everything about maidsafe. Although Kaiser acts a bit crazy he is ,no doubt, smart.

I’m pretty sure that Kaiser will pump safecoin for the foreseeable future, it’s in his DNA. The fact that he staged the next interview immediately is a pretty big indicator of how peaked his interests are and let’s be frank - who’s wouldn’t

Anyways, congrats @dirvine and @nicklambert on a great job of putting so much information in such a short segment . I think the framework of the SAFE project was very well explained given the time constraints.


next episode is available as well Episode 640 — RT Keiser Report
Regarding maidsafe about 14 minutes in


Yes, I’ve been watching Keiser for a year or 2 now - he is an annoying clown, but you get used to it and I can tell you he’s a smart guy, knows his crypto and is very anti corporations etc - that’s why I suggested David and Nick should go on his show a few weeks ago actually,
I would also say that Maidsafe were a hit with him - 2 appearances is not common for a start, it was obvious he’d done his homework and I could see his Spidey senses tingling. I like him now actually but wouldn’t get pissed with him…or take him to a party…imagine…lol
Sometimes you have to look past the clownish behaviour to appreciate the inner mind workings I think though.
By the way, safecoin price dipped slightly after the show…I knew he should have combed his hair…lol

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I watched this one but not the previous one yet.

I think Max would love to talk about potentially subversive uses of the SAFE network, e.g. how can financial whistle-blowers use MaidSafe to bring the system down and so on :wink:

Yes definitely, he’s covered everything from cypher-punks, Anonymous, Occupy etc - he seems fairly alligned to a large section of Maidsafe community politically - his biggest target is the Banks and world of finance though.

Great, this was much better than the first episode, the real essence of Maidsafe was well explained this time.

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He mentioned RBS - could RBS become the first reference customer for the new P2P whisleblower platform? :smiley:


Is it me or is David’s English getting worse. Must be something to do with the referendum coming up… :stuck_out_tongue:



I’ve combined the two interviews into one video!


nice, updated OP.


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