The MaidSafe Foundation should apply

@nicklambert just before your AMA could you please apply for this?


Wow - that’s interesting

Why are you remaining anonymous?

Firstly, publicity has never been the point of this fund.

The more bitcoin goes up, the more worried I am of my safety. I’d like to live a very low profile life, and most people in my life don’t even know the magnitude of bitcoins I have.


One for @anon86652309 and the guys at the Foundation to consider for sure. Thanks Eddy!


Nice one @19eddyjohn75 - thanks! :slight_smile:

We’ve applied now, so we’ll see what comes of it. We’ve actually just recruited a part-timer for the Foundation which has given the Foundation a new lease of life. Unfortunately we’ve still not had a chance to update the Foundation’s website yet - it desperately needs an overhaul - I hope that doesn’t detract from our application!


Can we get a link to the foundations site?


Why no mention of the patents to components of the upcoming revolutionary network that is SAFE?

The foundation will not enforce these, they are there to save us from clone and control types and large companies. so maidsafe would have to ask the foundation to enforce them and if it sees fit then it would. If the enforcement meant people in need could suffer the foundation will not do that, however if the opposite were true and people could suffer then it would.


Btw you can message them on Reddit about the Maidsafe foundation

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