Donation for Maidsafe

First I want to say I have no information related to finances or funding whatsoever. If this thread is perceived as inconvenient by david or anyone at Maidsafe’s upper management or what is left of it after Nick’s departure, please feel free to delete this post.

We had the first hint from David in the price thread that Maidsafe had started to cautiously liquidate its Maid stack to fund development.
Current sluggish prices in crypto market are not helping either.

One more thing, I want to reaffirm my confidence in this project. With current progress and pace in development, I have actually never been so optimistic despite the low token price !

I have seen a few ICOs and projects making it through thanks to donations.
Iota foundation for instance was funded only through donation from its community and everyone gave 5% equivalent of their holding.
A lately exemple is Grin, being given donations from early adopters and believers.

This forum is full of early adopters and believers!
Let’s donate !

Even though I am massively overinvested in this project at a personal and corporate level, I want to be the first to donate and keep the dream alive to change the world.

I hereby pledge a 1 btc donation from my company, Will paste txid here, as soon as an official btc address has been set up for this. I encourage everyone to pledge in this thread.

Please @dirvine set up a segregated btc adress asap and let’s get the funds rolling !

The first two rounds of funding were poorly executed.
A disaster. Yet the team is still here and kicking ass.
Let the third round, the donation round, be a major success !!!



I like the idea but I think before we do stuff like this we should know actually where funds stand, specifically in reference to Fleming. I for one would be happy to contribute but I am also sure others may not have free cash to contribute/don’t wish to liquidate 5% of their holdings. That’s also some bag you have sir. I’d like to hear other peoples thoughts first.


Provide a source please.




Please provide a source. Might prevent a repeat.


Yea. I think we should all concentrate on all the good work and accelerated pace. Really.


Its a great idea but more structure surrounding it is the best plan, so we can create it as a prize pool for a hackathon or bountys for specific applications or such. Rather than directly to the business side of things…


Its funny how all the reaction around funding happens when Bitcoin dumps and the whole market follows. Me, just keep buying. If the project needed funds it would let us know. 6 months is a long time in crypto and remember Bitcoin halving is coming


I can get behind this, or donated funds going to support other specific marketing initiatives.


I could be wrong.
I don’t think they recently started liquidating maid, but have been doing so for a long long time.


Me too. But also in general to donating. I don’t have much spare capital to give but will what I can afford :grinning:


I can get behind this but I need an official address from @maidsafe as well.


And I’m behind this proposal as well! :slight_smile:

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If as community we will donate MaidSafe today, will we have enough funds to donate other projects on top of SafeNetwork ?
Pleople wish to buy some advert, cool video, free invations, usefull Apps, native device support, SafeCoin faucet,…
And if there are not enough funds and each project is not able to cover own expenses, than it is good help to donate it from cummunity.

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I think it important we see an MVP/Fleming before money talks need to be done. Hopefully that is sooner(weeks or 1 month or 2) rather than later. At crypto values so low right now many members of 2017 and newer won’t wanna part with coin when they are already in the red on their crypto portfolios overall. For any that got in at the ground and are still up 1000% or so even at these levels it may be be easier to justify and part with a % of them. Right now seems a good time to be doing a first entry point into crypto if you don’t believe all this magical internet monies and stuff will go the way of the tulips :smile:.


I was left with the impression that the offer is to donate not from our portfolio, but from “free” money … In Bulgaria we make a very nice pickle, so besides money I can send a few jars to the devs :slight_smile:


That looks healthier than yum-yums…


And it is very tasty too. It’s called the Tzar (king’s) pickle… :dragon_face:



There are lots of ways to ask if there is a donation address. This was one way that also gives a nice not so subtle push into the current BTC buy wall… Hmmm.


Can we set up a dedicated PickleAddress?