MaidSafe Asia App Competitions

Thanks for all your input in the other thread,

really helped to understand what people want. So we have discussed more and created a more organized idea for these App funds / competitions (rather than me just shooting off my ideas alone).

MaidSafe Asia has the funds to kickstart apps, and they really want apps that showcase to newcomers in Asia and overseas what SAFE is really capable of. They want a few solid apps that have clean UI’s to accomplish this. Therefore, we are planning to offer $500 - $2,000 USD range prizes (negotiable based on proposals) paid by them to fund apps in the following categories:

  • Messaging App
  • Email App
  • Anything from MaidSafe Example Apps
  • File Upload / manager app (SAFE-FS started one already :smiley: )
  • MaidSafe Solutions themed, clean UI Browser
  • Possibly more

We are doing this with full understanding of where SAFE is in development. These apps MUST be made 100% OPEN SOURCE with current APIs and tools available, and coded with the mindset to be easily extensible / updatable with new data types and functions once those become available in Alpha 2 from MaidSafe. So the code must be readable, organized and clean so that the functions can be rewritten as needed in the future.

They want these apps to be ready for the wider global audience ASAP as they are always planning events, so developers please feel free to give proposals for anything in these areas right below, in the replies here. They have the money and the drive to make things happen NOW! :slight_smile:


Are there plans for a landing page / app “store” perhaps even on alpha 2 itself? It may be worth considering that as we move onwards.


Ssssshhh :slight_smile: :smiley: :wink:

(jokes aside, yes, and the Asia group is making that a priority. I think they just posted about that on their forums. They are making the app list a sticky post for now)


Great stuff @whiteoutmashups! Thanks for sharing :slight_smile:


Great! Anyone drafting up any proposals?

@joshuef might you be interested in making a MaidSafe Asia themed version of your browser for these amounts of money? BTC

Are there more specific details somewhere of what this would entail?


Might be worth a mention!

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I am working on another file manager with a few more features that works well enough on phones.
Hopefully will be ready soon :smiley:

If anyone wants to play around what i have done so far or to test it out here is the source code GitHub - josephm1/OLD-safe-js-demo: DEPRECATED - A demo website built on the safe js API going over some of the basic functions of the API (not finished yet, make sure you have the browser console open as well)
Also if there are any upcoming meet ups with the maidsafe asia devs I’d be happy to join a video call to explain some of my code if that would be helpful


Cool! Trying it now (Windows). Do you have some basic notes about how to use it?


You need to run it on a webserver and have cors enabled (there are plugins for chrome and firefox for ease of use) as well as have the mock safe launcher running

If you want to test out the UI for android just bring the folder over to your phone and run an app called KWS webserver and you will be test it out its UI and how it works as a progressive web app on all the android web browsers

It should look something like this

get file metadata andmove data aren’t working for nfs files yet,
move and rename shouldn’t be working for nfs dir yet everything else should be functional


Ah OK. I’ll try in Linux then as I don’t have a web server on my Windows PC.

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Looks nice, very simple & easy to follow code. Maybe I can help with a design

I’m organizing the competitions and looking after & awarding the funds for it. Very good to see our first submission!

One of the big points for the upload app was being able to accept all types of files (image video gif) and being able to somewhat display them on the page.

If you’re willing to do this I’m sure they would be willing to pay extra for it! We can definitely talk though, great work so far!


i think everything is working now GitHub - josephm1/OLD-safe-js-demo: DEPRECATED - A demo website built on the safe js API going over some of the basic functions of the API


great, so back to the App Competition thread that people DIDN’T hate :smiley: (cuz it’s paid for by MaidSafe Asia instead of you guys / the community).

We’re looking to start the first official one at our next SF SAFE Pod Monthly Meetup! Early August. We will have a complete API tutorial for everyone, and be giving out a small amount of MAID to all our Meetup-goers who complete the tutorial with us at the event.

We will give out the SF Pod official flash drives with all mockR files on them, walk people through making a simple index.html site with some < script> tags with the JS DOM API commands in them, and we’ll get a few of the functions working. Then people will have time to customize it, fonts, background colors etc and once they like it, we will all upload our index.html files to the network (using my invitation, 1 file each per person), and let you guys know the URLs so you can check them out :smiley: Then we’ll all make OmniWallets and send them a bit of MAID each, upon completion.

Then, we will explain that we are beginning a monthly App Competition, ($100 MAID for 1st place, $20 MAID for 2nd, $5 MAID for 3rd) where all apps are submitted to the forums (this one and MaidSafe Asia forums) to be voted on. All app entries MUST be 100% open source upon submission for everyone to use and learn from.

Will also do demos of all the other currently-working apps, and another showcase of TEST 17’s current websites and apps, to give them ideas.

Anyone can enter these monthly competitions online as well (except core MaidSafe team :P), and the new winners will be announced and paid each month at our SF SAFE Meetups, to encourage more attendance and participation in the APIs etc.

Look for us early August downtown SF to get some $$$$MAID :smiley: :smiley:


I’ll try to have the video that gives a rundown of the main.js file ready for the meetup.
The app competitions sound like a great idea, best of luck with everything.


Dude good work! I love the idea and cool you set them up with a tutorial and tools to compete


hopefully we get hundreds of new apps coming out of these over time, with a massive ecosystem of open-source code for everybody.

The kicker here is having stable dev builds for everyone to work with. Working with @hunterlester on this now:


How about a bonus for any app based on one of the Pied Piper apps from Silicon Valley, for example see series 4 episodes 3 & 4 :wink:


u got it. 1 MAID bonus :smiley: confirmed. courtesy of @happybeing i’ll send u the bill!


Awesome stuff here Will. Good work.