Looking for partners to develop business in France, Germany and Poland

I’m thinking about promoting Maidsafe thru localized websites in Central Europe. This would help to market product to Average Joe.

I’m lookling for partners so if you live in France, Germany, Italy or Poland.
If you belive that Maidsafe is the next big thing contact me.

I’ve got some great domains for that: safecoin.fr safecoin.it maidsafe.fr maidsafe.de maidsafe.pl

Our additional competencies: marketing, web design, web development, graphic design, SEO.

Business model for now “Local website of 1st choice”.


How do you make money off this? Are you setting this up as a gateway to SAFE or is this strictly an at cost effort to raise mind share? Is this ad/sponsor driven? Anything sponsored and officially associated would be prone to spin especially early on. Red flag when there is somehow a business model to promote. If you want to sell tea shirts that seems cool. If you want to do splashes (much as I personally hate attention grabbing promotion) still seems worth it while that kind of stuff can still be done without derision or tastefully. Also strange too because people aren’t used to promotion for what will amount to infrastructure.