Maidsafe and multilevel marketing


I want to share my idea to use multilevel marketing to promote Maidsafe. In Bulgaria I prepared 20x1TB farms (mainly second-hand atom netbooks), which I will put in the homes of my friends. To each of them I will give in 100GB (retribution for that I use their Internet and electricity). I will give them a further 100 GB for each of their friend, who they lead to my network to put more farms at their homes.

I will give everyone the opportunity to buy gigabytes of my network and I will use the money to purchase more farms. The new farms I will put in the homes of their friends, etc.

I will use this thread to share how that goes. :slight_smile:


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I don’t see why this is better for anyone than them just downloading the Maidsafe client and running it on their own machine, using their own electricity and internet, and buy their own 100 gb with the safecoin they earn, and have safecoin left over to spend.

You might find a market for setting people up with cool farming rigs, by selling them to them at a profit, but I don’t see the economics working out for network marketing. (They never really do, as far as I’ve seen, at least for the vast, vast majority of those who get involved.)


Hi, @fergish the advantage is that they will get 100GB of my network, not 100GB from the farm that is at their homes.

If the farm, which is in their house stop for any reason (such as suspension of electricity, Internet, etc.), they continue to receive safecoins for 100GB.

If 20Ń…1TB farms mined 200 SafeCoins/month = 20000GB / 200 safecoins = 0.01 safecoins per 1 GB = 1 safecoins for 100GB which they will receive regardless of what happens to the farm in their home.

In poor countries like Bulgaria a computer costs almost as much as one month work for the average working person.

In the capital (Sofia), nearly everyone has internet. It is cheap around 7-8 euros for 100 MB / s. But most people do not have extra money to buy hard drives, nor know much about computers. For them, the Internet is Facebook. :smiley:

But if they get a free 100GB without having to do anything (I will provide and administer the farms) and begin to earn money from them, see this, they will understand.

I’m not seeing it, but cheers. I wouldn’t call it network marketing though. It’s more like a leased machine with a service contract for which the client pays the running expenses. If you can get them to do it, maybe it would be beneficial to you. I’m not sure it benefits them enough.

The cool thing about safecoin is that it is not a get-rich-quick vehicle, I don 't think. We’ll see what the dynamics are after launch.

I’m not sure it benefits them enough.

Looks to me like they get use of a free computer that’s earning them income for the cost of space, electricity, and broadband.

The benefit depends on the earnings, costs, and the value to them off getting a computer. So long as they understand the maths it seems like a good scheme.

In theory it would be even better for most, if based on a distributed / co-operative model where they all share all the earnings, but it isn’t going to happen without someone who can organise this, provide the initial investment in equipment and set up.


Thanks Mark. I see what you mean. It might be workable for some circumstances. Hmmm.

I guess the multilevel reference got me overlooking the obvious, because it’s not that. But it’s definitely innovative, Dimitar. Good luck.

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Тhank you Fergish, I wrote this to share my idea. Once I got practical results I will share them also.

I do not seem to understand well the idea of multilevel marketing, because I thought it was just that. :frowning:


Hi @dimitar…i also have concerns, but i think you are on to something, but maybe not with farming. There are 55 million people involved in direct marketing/party plan…imagine attracting 2-5% of this group?

I think an Avon type approach for someone to do would be interesting…but not a tacky money game like a lot of what goes on. Something authentic, with a future, and true earning potential $400-$700 (meaningful income) month, meaning that if you help a lot of people earn $700, then you might earn $70,000 yr, owning a small technology distribution business, at home,part time.

The part about MLM that gets it a bad name is when those setting it up and joining early parade massive potential gains to persuade others to join when the scheme is set up to only deliver massive gains to a very small proportion of those taking part, because gains depend largely on creating one’s own sizable “pyramid” in the network, which has to fail at some point, leaving a lot more people out of pocket than making worthwhile gains.

@Dimitar’s scheme is not like this because he’s not charging people - if he does say charge for the netbook or setup costs, and these can’t reasonably be recouped without further network selling by the participant, then we have a classic MLM style scam.

@Dimitar so long as you can keep the “investment” by participants to zero or easily recouped without network selling, you are shielding participants from the risk which only you are really able to assess. That seems fair to me, because you are also going to reap the most benefits if you get it right

I think it could be tempting to turn to the “dark side”, but based on your proposal I would support it with the proviso that participants are not expected to pay up front to get started. You could though ask them to repay some agreed set up cost from a percentage of their profit after their running costs (electric and broadband bills) have been covered.

I think so long as people can’t end up out of pocket this kind of approach would be fine, though in time is like to see it made unnecessary! :slight_smile:


The one component of multilevel marketing I see missing is the multilevels. In order to classify for that label, the people you involve would need to duplicate your model and get others to do it, with some benefit coming up to you from lower levels.

I’m not saying that such a scheme is necessarily bad (though I’ve given up on it), but I don’t see that element in your plan. That’s all.

I see potential in what you’re doing, though, and look forward to seeing how it works out.

But this is exactly my idea. I have about 20 friends, where to put the farms. If the test is successful and I manage to regain my investment, I think the next step will be to suggest to my friends to offer their friends to put farms in their homes.

Currently, if a large investor wants to dig for Bitcoin, he can do it immediately. But with Meidsafe he can not buy 100 TB and start earning immediately. Because first this 100TB should be filled with information.

If I have a network of 100 TB farms and offer for sale 5 TB of them, the price will not be like for someone to buy a new 5 TB farm. I will offer 5 TB full of information in a farm with a good rating and safe monthly income.

The income will be safe because they will buy 5 TB of my entire network and not from a specific farm. Every week or every month earned Safecoins will be distributed between the holders of gigabytes in my network (my friends and the investors)

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I agree with that assessment. I would also add - I wouldn’t if you didn’t live in the EU - that you may want to check legal risks that could result from you providing services to your friends.

Normally it shouldn’t be a big risk, but you never know.

I think you are wrong about Bitcoin mining. Most Bitcoin cloud mining products are likely Ponzi…

The equipment is expensive, often back-ordered, and quickly loses its value. Most of these cloud operations pretend like you can send them money and they will plug something in and you will start earning instantly – But it really isn’t that easy. All of them should have limits to how much they can sell - assuming that they are using actual equipment that physically exists… But few do advertise such limit.

If you have an asset that is profitable, why would you lease it out to other people? It doesn’t make sense.

And over and over again these operations get proven to be scams.

You could do your plan – But I don’t know why you would – If you equipment was profitable wouldn’t you be better off to just keep your profits? It is going to require software and administration, additional overhead to keep track of all of the sub-farms you are operating and if they are profitable without the additional overhead why burden yourself?


Because if I sale 5TB for the price of 10 TB I will have 5TB more. So I can reinvest earnings.

I remember the early days of torrents and how few people use them. In my country, the computers have been widely among people 10 years after the fall of communism.

Although many people already have internet and computers they have very basic knowledge about them.

So for poor countries like Bulgaria expansion of MaidSafe will be possible only with the help of friends to friends.

This is why I write here. I hope other people in poor countries to try and come up with similar models.