Liberland, new country in the middle of Europe

Hello guys, there is a promising case of Terra Nullius -unclaimed lands- in the middle of Croatia and Serbia, and a Czech claimed it for himself lol
Now he wants to build a real country out of it, and plans to offer citizenships.

I was wondering that it could be a cool publicity stunt if MaidSafe offered to officially support their infrastructure heh


It’s risky. If Liberland fails spectacularly how will that help SAFE Network? It raises the profile of the Liberland experiment at the expense of contaminating the SAFE Network experiment.

My own suggestion to team SAFE is to avoid politics and focus on the protocols. TCP/IP and Bittorrent were very successful and no one seems to really care about the politics of either of these. If the protocol wins the world wins so there isn’t any need to get involved in Liberland, not that anything is wrong with Liberland.

Liberland could be a cool idea and I hope it’s successful. It’s also risky and might not be as serious as this project.


Liberland could certainly offer to officially support SAFE Network infrastructure;


Put up some information such as: