LibrePlanet recap

Sorry for the delay on this… but I spoke at LibrePlanet two weekends ago at MIT. This was the second time I participated and while we didn’t have a booth this time, I was still able to meet a lot of interesting people and tell them about SAFE.

My talk itself was more about the ecosystem SAFE is employing and some philosophy behind the nature of economics and property (and how these relate to the Internet). I expanded these thoughts into a series of blog posts set to be released over the next couple weeks. First one is here: Theories on Incentives, Scaling & An Evolved Economy Pt. 1 | by MaidSafe | safenetwork | Medium

While there are many rad projects happening within the FOSS community, there are only a few who are thinking about incentives and economics. It would be great for MaidSafe to be a positive force for these ideas within this community and I hope to sustain that over the years. If people in this community notice a FSF event happing near them, I highly suggest checking it out if you can!

P.S. I miiiiight have made a gentleman/lady agreement with Gordon from Storj and David from Sia that whichever project launched 1.0 first would host a decentralized internet event in their hometown that the others would attend. :slight_smile: So we might want to start planning for an event in Troon and send out invites to those teams. :wink:


Nice Paige, I look forward to reading those blogs :slight_smile:

On the economics stuff, have you spoken to @johan.nygren9? I think he’s thought deeply about this and his taxemes idea is very interesting.

I have not but would be interested in hearing more!