Maidsafe in the news, sorry only in Dutch

I want to make my fellow Sweetlake City Citizens aware of the SAFE Network and what better way to do that, then write about it online on our boring news site. We’re suppose to be the city with a lot of IT, I see nothing of that back in our news. From now on I’ll be writing regularly about the SAFE Network. This was just a quick introduction, about how it’s different from the current internet. I even talked a little about SAFEcoin. Darn I forgot to add Youtube links :frowning:

I’m so super exited…

BTW The SAFE Network should be having more pods, we should be ashamed when you look at what Ethereum is doing. I’ll have a pod here right at home, when the SAFE Network is up and running. I don’t mind teaching this stuff, not that I know that much, but…

Read&learn und try: How to start an ethereum meetup FAQ


Waiting a little bit longer with our first meetup but we’ve already contacted a few locations for the meetup and some of the organizers of our meetups have got a good network in the Bitcoin world in Amsterdam. Also attracted 53 potential attendees without doing any real marketing so let’s see where this go when we’re really getting started!

We also helped connecting Bitcoin Wednesday and Maidsafe which lead to this of course :smile:


Thanks bro

I work @ a restaurant we get enough people coming, that we could hand out flyers too. I’m still trying to convince my boss, to do a bitcoin conference. When that happens :wink:

@Melvin maybe you can also write in your local online paper, this was luckily really easy. I actually also want to hand out flyers at a school nearby, but I don’t know what’s sensible to print out yet.

BTW I love BitcoinWednesday keep up the good work


Good idea, @19eddyjohn75. I actually heard about maidsafe on the Freedom’s Phoenix podcast.