Pause on the international Safe sites and forums

Hello friends,

life is an interesting thing, sometimes you have to take a step back to be able to take 2 steps forward.

Although the Safe network is closer than ever with regular test networks from the community with great regret, I have to stop the international sites and forums that I maintain because I can no longer afford them.

Inflation is having a bad effect on business in Bulgaria and a number of my clients are reducing their costs, which is affecting my income and unfortunately I can no longer afford $ 70 a month for the sites hosting.

I hope the crypto bear market and the whole bad world macro situation doesn’t last long and I can afford to pick them up again, because I believe it’s valuable to have information about Safe in different languages.

For now, I will keep only the Bulgarian site and forum.

Privacy. Security. Freedom


Sorry to hear of this @Dimitar as you do great stuff there. BGF is still in flux, but this seems like a no brainer to me, although I don’t have a vote. Let’s see though, I suspect we can try and sort out even a short term thing here. Let me start a wee internal convo.


If we have the backups for the sites, I can setup a VPS and host it myself.


Is @AJ_MS a new team member? :thinking:


Yes, that’s Andrew, head of finance and fintech (not new but in house for last few months). He is looking to help @Dimitar in some way :muscle:


Kept him quiet :joy: welcome to the community Andrew :ninja:

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It was announced in an update. January?


Yeah think your right just looked at his profile and he joined June 5th so thought he might be new. Nothing passes you mark like maidsafes own lamda :joy:


I’ve forgotten more than I ever knew. :older_man:


I just sent you 50BAT tokens @Dimitar … but I don’t have much BAT, so is there an ethereum donation address somewhere?

Thanks for everything you do here.


Thank you! :thankyou:

I am currently talking to @AJ_MS to agree on how to act.

Privacy. Security. Freedom


We have drawn a way forward! Many thanks to MaidSafe and @dirvine for their support! :love:

Privacy. Security. Freedom


The giver thanks the people he helps, typical @Dimitar in every way :wink: Right back at ye, thank you so much for all your work, patience and brutal honesty (even when I disagree with you, smashing stuff).


What websites cost $70 a month, that seems high

Is it like a forum? There are free versions available on wix

Or maybe make a discord server, I could help.

Can you show me what sites we are talking about and I’m sure we can get the cost down, hopefully all the way ($0)


He’s paying for hosting several instances of Discourse forum, not simple web hosting.


Yeah discord channels would make more sense I think, or something similar then

Channels for each language, on a single MAID server chat


International sites are copies of the official site and are made with React Static. Can you look at the github dimitar83 · GitHub and say if they can be run on one droplet?

Currently every site uses 1vcpu-1gb DigitalOcean droplet.

The forums are also on separate droplets, but there the minimum requirements are higher because of Discourse - when I made them 2 years ago my goal was to have clear and orderly information for each language - my personal opinion is that a forum is more suitable for this goal.

In principle, we can make separate international sub-categories in this forum and hide them from being seen directly from the homepage. Here is a discussion on this option:

Privacy. Security. Freedom


That’s interesting. Yeah maybe they can develop that feature

For now though I’m more than happy to help set up a discord server if we don’t have it yet. It’s a great app

Could I do that? Don’t want to make any moves without maidsafe or someone saying ok, so it doesn’t appear I’m doing anything for them myself.

I can make anyone else mods with full control

Happy Father’s Day by the way!


We have a discord Safe server:

Privacy. Security. Freedom


Oh nice I’ll join right now

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