I do not see MAID in my wallet

Soo according to several guides I created a paper wallet using offline www.bitaddress.org, I bought some bitcoins and transferred these to Poliniex.com. At Poliniex I bought some MAID. For testing purposes I withdraw 286.34162652 MAID to my paper wallet.
When I use omniwallet to check my balance I see: 0.0000273 BTC.

Why does it not show MAID?
Why doesn’t the number correspond with my withdrawal amount?

How much time has passed since you sent it?

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About 1 hour. The transaction is succeeded.

It will come, can take hours or more :slight_smile:


Thanks for your quick reply. None tutorial explained it could take hours to convert the currency within a wallet.
I’ll wait some more hours then. :slight_smile:

Also you will only see the whole amount.

The decimals are lost because MAIDsafecoin is indivisible and you can only send whole amounts.

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Do you have a link to a good tutorial?
I wanna buy my first SAFE tokens but don’t want to do any mistakes :slight_smile:

So eventually the amount is visible with omniexplorer. Great! :slight_smile:

Hi Liodra, I followed this page How to store your MAIDSAFE coins in a bitcoin wallet using Omniwallet for withdrawal

You just can store them in any bitcoin address, like generated with www.bitaddress.com. Just read some articles about paper wallet(same as offline wallet, single wallet, etc) and all will become clear.