How to store your MAIDSAFE coins in a bitcoin wallet using Omniwallet for withdrawal

Hi all,

How to store you Maidsafe coins.

Summary: You can store your MAIDSAFE coins in a bitcoin wallet. You can send them to any bitcoin address, but to move them out of that bitcoin wallet, you need to: 1) Have some bitcoins in the wallet to pay for the fee and 2) have the private key of that wallet and 3) to move them from the wallet you need to use omniwallet (or i guess an other wallet with this functionality), so here is what you need to do:

  1. For the bitcoin address you want to send your funds, make sure you have access to the private keys, i use:
  1. Go to Poloniex or wherever you have your MAIDSAFE coin and send them to your bitcoin address as per 1) above.

They are now safe in your bitcoin wallet.

  1. If you want to withdraw them, then do the following:
  • make sure the bitcoin wallet has bitcoin in it to pay for the transaction.
  • Go to and create an account. Once set up, go to wallet and import using private key. Once you have imported private key, you now have access to the MAID, it will show as a balance there and you can now send them from that wallet to any other MAID or BTC address.

That’s the short how to guide from what i learned yday. This post helped alot:

Hope it may help!

Comments are welcome in case I missed something or wrote something wrong. Pls. test out for yourself, send small test amount first obviously(!) :slight_smile:



THANKS! great help!````

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I just followed this procedure, but in, I get an error: unable to decode output address.

I’m wondering what happened to my MAIDSAFE coins. Can anyone help me, please?

I sorted it out by simply going to Step 3. doesn’t recognize MaidSafe coins and just shows the error and a small sum, in my case $.03. However, when transferred to OmniWallet, the MaidSafe coins came out fine. Question: Could I have just left them where they were on blockchain with given the error “unable to decode output address?” Thanks in advance for any input

It is not clear to me what you did, but I can describe how it works for you. MAIDsafe coins are an Omni protocol asset. Omni protocol is like an additional layer of data on top of Bitcoin. So you hold Omni assets on a regular Bitcoin address and control them with the private key for that address, just as you would a Bitcoin. The only difference is that you need to use a wallet that understands the Omni protocol when dealing with Omni based assets like MAID. As an Omni asset transaction is at its heart also a Bitcoin transaction, you need to have Bitcoin in the same address as the Omni asset to cover the Bitcoin transaction fee.


@drehb is correct, but to simply answer the question YES you could have just left them. Anyone with a paper wallet (or any really) would get similar results as you did on

The simple way to check your MAID balance is to go to and enter the public address of your “wallet” and it will display the balance

Thanks for clearing that up for me, drehb. I think I understand what you’re saying.

Sorry for the late reply, neo. Many thanks for the info. It helps a lot.

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How do you do it when you have one blockchain wallet and have maidsafe coins stored on two different addresses?


A wallet only holds the private keys of the addresses you have. The wallet itself does not hold coins and only provides a means to operate on the addresses it holds the private keys of.

Thanks for clarifying that Rob :+1:t2:

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Hello everyone,

I’m a little newbie to everything electronic and I do not understand very well how to store my MAID safely. I try to do what they say but it scares me to lose my MAID or my BTC. I do not understand how MAID does not create its own wallet to download and where to store them.

MAID please create your own wallet!

No need for a MAID wallet, there is already Omni wallet and MAID is just a holder token to be replaced with SafeCoin on the network. :slight_smile:

You can just create an ‘omniwallet’, carefully record your wallet ID AND your password on paper, activate 2FA and bob’s your uncle, you have a ‘fairly’ secure wallet to keep your MAID safely off the exchange.

If it is a large sum of money then you should consider cold storage (offline paper wallet). It is actually much easier than it sounds. I can’t use the remote control for the TV and I’ve never used a smartphone or touchscreen, but I worked out how to store my coins on paper with very little effort once I gave it a go. I even ‘air-gapped’ the keys (ooo get me :wink: ).


I Want to use an offline wallet to store my coins. So it’s ok to just send them to a wallet I created on I Got the private key, so in the future I can import them on any service I like?

Thank you.

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Yes, as far as I am concern. If you just send maidsafecoins to any bitcoin address that you have the private key you would be able to import that private key in omniwallet and spend the coins from there. Also you can check the balance of maidsafecoins in any bitcoin address with the public key in the same web.


can someone give me proper video to store my maidsafecoin in omniwallet… i dnt want to loose my all coins… my coins is in poloniex… poloniex team is slow in reply sometimes we have to wait for 1 month

To withdraw, click ‘Balances’ followed by ‘Deposits & Withdrawals’. Search MAID and click the Withdraw button on the end. Enter the public adress of your Omniwallet and the ammount.

Start with a small amount to test.

withdraw fees is high on poloniex its 10maidsafecoins i knw how to send… but i dnt know how to get my wallet private key

Did you create a wallet in Omniwallet already? If so, you can export the keys (wallet options → backup wallet).

i create omni wallet…