How to transfer MaidSafeCoin from Poloniex to original MaidSafe address?

I recently traded for some Maidsafecoin at poloniex. I moved a small sum of Maid to the btc address associated with the MaidSafeCoin initial sale. I received a notice that 5678 satoshis were credited to that address. When I went to MasterChest to confirm the deposit of Maid there was no confirmation. There was a message on MasterChest that the MasterChest Wallet is now defunct and that I should import keys to Omniwallet. I was wondering if anyone out there has been successful in moving Maid coin to their original MaidSafeCoin address?

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I haven’t done this, but you should be able to see how many MaidSafeCoin are at the address without using a wallet. Go to this link and paste in the BTC address you sent to:

I did check the MasterChest wallet and the transferred Maid coin is not represented, only the old balance is represented. There is no evidence of the amount of Maid coin transferred from Poloniex other than a small bit of bitcoin that was added to the balance. I would love to know how to transfer MaidSafe coin out of the exchange to a wallet I control.

I’m not talking about a wallet. Did you try what I suggested - that specific link?

Thank you, I followed your specific link and there it was. The transfer from poloniex to the maidsafe address was successful.

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It sounds like they fixed their backend…thank goodness. I had two seperate occasions where it took four tries and them finally having to manually send my withdrawls. Their fees for withdrawal 10 MAID were much better than masterxchange’s that were 150 MAID.