Need help please, sent maidsafe coins and still haven't received them

As noted above, I sent 80,000 maidsafe coins from a blockchain address to an exchange (Poloniex) using omniwallet, it has been ~24hrs and I have yet to receive anything to my account.

The address sent from : 147UE23guL5PESMrchAzd7B6WUEdLxb6uh
The address it was sent to :16kNdLycKcWNq4WapF3Tv8Ws7Bft5FpWPS

I would really appreciate someone’s help in this as I really need the funds ASAP.

@Maximus here is a link to all activity on your address. Your transaction went through.

Poloniex will be able to help you with this. If the problem persists, I’d recommend contacting them.

Look out, 80,000 safecoins about to get dumped on the market :stuck_out_tongue:

Thank you all for your reassurance. I’ve contacted poloniex and hopefully it’ll get resolved.

no, i won’t be selling many of them, the majority will be passed on to family., its just that having them in poloniex is more accessible for me then in blockchain.

Let us know how that went, I’m sure the community will promptly donate you 80 K SAFE in case of any problem!

Hehe @janitor
Btw have always enjoyed your stuff over at ccn

Did this get resolved, @Maximus? I’m having the same issue with Poloniex.

What went wrong for you ? @gaurand

If you do find your coins by checking your address at masterchest but don’t see them in your balances at Poloniex you can use their chat or send them a message through a ticket I believe

I did check masterchest and the coins arrived, @Melvin. I contacted support at Poloniex, but they are taking their time getting back to me. Not sure what else I can do at this point.

If you submitted a new ticket through this:

There’s nothing else you can do, I’ve had exactly this problem but it was solved pretty quick.

Hey @janitor

I’m only donating my coins (even all my coins) to the Maidsafe team if they need it. This is the first time that I see @Maximus here, so unless he is Oprah Gail Winfrey and she’s here to promote Maidsafe, I’m not donating…

Btw Hi and wellcome @Maximus