How to buy maidsafecoins using bitcoins on

This video shows how you can make a paper wallet to store bitcoins, send those bitcoins to, buy maidsafecoin and withdraw those maidsafecoins back to the bitcoin paper wallet.

There is also an exchange called maidsafecoins on masterxchange

The video for that will be up soon.

Everything fixed on Poloniex video masterxchange coming right up :grinning:


Great tutorial! Very easy to understand. Well done.

A security tip

Never save your privatekey&public address to your desktop. Save it on your USB stick right away, that way you don’t have to delete that file and somebody (attacker) can’t get at that file. You could for instance delete the file and not empty your trashbin, an attacker could still access the file then.

Another tip, when you download, disconnect from the internet completely and generate new addresses a few time (this is your super paranoid). Btw if you print this out, make sure your printer is also not connected to the internet and that you clean the memory afterwards.

Great tut

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Thank you for the tip, as we go on people need to more aware of computer security, and I believe there will be a way to make these things simple and elegant.

Have they been able to send to a multi-sig wallet yet? I have run into problems each time trying to withdraw my MaidSafe coins, but the last time I did a withdraw was a month or two ago. Plus, their customer support is superb!

I decided to buy some more MAIDSAFE coins since my current value has tripled already. The thing is a long way from live and things are already looking great from an investment standpoint. Bought again from poloniex and this time without a single problem. They have worked out the bugs. I will be buying more soon. My goal is 100k before launch.

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When I send my MaidSafeCoin to a generated address at omniwallet and save it, how can I convert them to Safecoin later?

MaidSafeCoins will be exchanged for SafeCoins at a 1:1 rate, once the network goes live the devs will give out an address to exchange the coins for, or Poloniex will exchange them directly on the exchange.

Is there no way of directly saving MaidSafeCoin to a normal wallet and saving the wallet.dat? I have maidsafecoin on Poloniex but I much rather store them in my own wallet. I don’t fully get the whole omniwallet and converting thing…

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You can store MAID coin on any bitcoin address, so that means as long as the wallet has the private key your coins are “stored”. Then you can access the MAID coin by using a wallet that understands the omni protocol. Say and import the private key when you want to send the coins elsewhere.

Remember that the blockchain holds the data which shows which coins are stored at your address. The wallet only holds the public & private keys for the bitcoin address.

I have stored the majority of mine in paper wallet, that is I have the private key written on paper and no online wallet. When I want to send my MAID somewhere I will import the private key into omniwallet and send them.