How to test your farming rig?

Can anyone advise when i’ll be able to test my rig? And how I would go about downloading and running the client?

This thread states end of last year:

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Is this a troll?

Nick Lambert just posted this a couple of days ago. It points to this which should give you an idea of where MaidSafe is at. It seems like pretty busy busy busy ants to me.

Is what a troll?

That doesn’t really answer my question, which is why I asked. I am looking for a rough idea e.g. end of 2015 you will be able to download the farming app and begin test farming.

Maybe its because I am a simpleton, but nevertheless.

Specifically I meant is your OP a troll. I feel you have been around long enough to know the answer to your OP so I am not sure why you are asking it. The link I gave you shows you how much work is going on and how hard people are working on it. It also shows that in Dev Bundle 2 SafeCoin Full Implementation will be started. Is this just another “Yeah, but I cant be bothered reading those.”?

While I am driving it is very difficult to concentrate if the kids are in the back repeatedly saying “Are we there yet?”


Im asking a question. If you cant answer or don’t want to then mind your own business.

In my opinion that answers your question.

If you want some kind of time line on how long each Dev Bundle takes I found this thread for you.
It seems like a very similar question to your OP with a response from David.

I hope it helps.

Your question has been asked time and time again, like I said

Do people need to do the research for you? A simple search should find your answers as to why the network didn’t launch last year. The dev updates are consistent and give an idea of what is going on right now, there is also a Roadmap describing planned projects.

Saying the network would launch last year was a mistake on the part of MaidSafe, do you want them to make another mistake by saying, for your sake, it will launch in 2-3 months? And if it doesn’t what is their credibility then?

Can’t we just let them work on their project and do it well which they are then going to turn over to us for FREE? blimey.

I would like to add. I too am a “simpleton”. A lot of the time the subjects here are way over my head, but I love reading them because I learn more about SafeNetwork technology and its future possibilities.

That being said, I can say I understand your frustration, I talk about SAFE all the time to my friends and family and quite frankly they are sick of me, they just want to see the product. I too am ready to contribute by farming and at the same time see if I can earn SafeCoin. But, I don’t expect launch dates, what is being accomplished is quite the magnificent task, it is WAY over my head and I can’t put expectations on things I don’t fully understand yet. Sometimes I want to scream at MaidSafe “Allez-hop, lets go already”, but then when I see the dev updates, when I see David or Nick or Ned or anyone else from Maidsafe post here in OUR community it shows me they are aware and willing to take time to explain, that is very nice of them and to me unprecedented. I also see that they are busting their ass. When I see the work the community is putting in, dallyshalla, whiteoutmashups, SAFEpod Montreal, jim_owry, blimey the list is incredible and I feel bad I am missing a lot of names. Happybeing for being so happy and helpful :slight_smile: janitor for cleaning up :wink: polpolrene for always being there. It is all this work, no matter how long it takes that will make the SafeNetwork truly successful.

@goindeep there is a SAFE SLACK channel where I am sure any question you ask will be happily answered quickly and politely. If it is a question that is truly important I am sure you will be directed to post here so that others can learn. I know you have thoughts to contribute,

I hope this helps you understand where I am coming from and lets you know that I understand your frustrations.

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This may help give an idea also.

I appreciate all your responses but as I say i’m not too comfortable relying on wishy washy details that seem to change often.

I’m prepared to spend a fair bit of my disposable income and time on farming and hence would like to know at what point in time I need to get myself organised. Not a big ask really. If there is no ETA at this stage then there is no ETA its pretty simple really.

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