When is farming going to be implemented? Don't see it on the roadmap

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Welcome to the forum @alibyte. I hope the following helps your understanding.

Farming can be done now with vaults. For example the test networks or alpha 2 when it comes up

But rewards for doing farming will only come with test SAFEcoin. So look out for test SAFEcoin in the future.

There is a reasonable amount of testing to be done before test SAFEcoin is coded and testing started.

Its not a bad time to start following the project and looking at the updates in #development category is a good place to keep updated


Okay, thank you. Will test SAFEcoin be turned to real SAFEcoin eventually?


The actual answer: whenever it is ready.



I will be prepared!


I assume test SAFEcoins generated / farmed during tests won’t be turned in to real SAFEcoins. The MaidSafe coins that are currently traded on exchanges will be turned in to real SAFEcoins once the live non-Alpha/Beta network launches. These MaidSafe coins were generated to raise capital for the development of the network.


Nope. Test safecoin will be kept separate, much like test Bitcoin is separate from Bitcoin.

@Krekc & @reivanen I guess we don’t know for sure, but my understanding is that while there will be test Safecoin that gets reset as each test network is superceded, at the point where a test becomes the beta, those test Safecoin in existence will become real Safecoin (ie the coins won’t change, they just will not ever be reset).


Yeah, I remember reading the same thing somewhere. Although it might have just been David speculating about how it might work. :confused:

I think it makes a good incentive for people to get involved towards the end of testing safecoin and makes it exciting. People will be praying each time that this is the real one and those safecoins they’ve accumulated become real, but there will be inevitable resets before we get there, so more and more people will pile in to be right at the start of each new testnet version as we get closer. And we need a lot of people involved towards the end so incentives are all good imo.


I think you will find that was when the last beta is deemed good then that beta will become the live network and that is when testSAFEcoin becomes the real coin. Or so was the conversations and musings by @dirvine when talking of this.

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I may be wrong, but my understanding is that transition to beta is transition to live Safecoin. I’ve not seen any mention of what end of beta means.

Even with live Safecoin the network only has minimum features to work fully decentralised and more things will be being added to it for some time after.

Honestly that doesn’t make sense to me, because beta is still expected to have errors. And to state that they will carry through SAFEcoins from the beginning of beta to end of beta is fraught with dangers and potential for resets is just too high to be able to confidently make this happen. Not to mention that there will most likely be hacks/attacks possible due to bugs that will be done that allows the attacker to create a multitude of coins for themselves. More likely testSAFEcoin will start with Beta


In the topic about phasing in safecoin and context is going from beta testing to the release candidate phase with the last release candidate version becoming the live network

A beta is a release, as is each alpha. Moving out of beta doesn’t mean there aren’t bugs. I think you have a preconception that real Safecoin means not beta. Earlier I assumed that too, but that isn’t what I’ve gathered from reading what MaidSafe plan. I know I might be wrong but I’m clear in my own mind about what I’ve read.

Yep. [quote=“happybeing, post:13, topic:12971”]
Moving out of beta doesn’t mean there aren’t bugs


Nope, I took what David said about testSAFEcoin in beta releases and tests. And that its the (last) release candidate that won’t get the testSAFEcoins deleted. Its all in that topic I linked to.

Of course that doesn’t mean the plan won’t change. But to carry safecoin from beginning of the beta releases (there will be a number of them) to the last beta release is foolhardy for the reasons I mentioned earlier.

We differ only on the meaning of the labels. It doesn’t whether you do all the thorough testing during alpha, or during beta. Only that you do that testing. My understanding is that - for MaidSafe - beta marks the point at which all the fundamentals including Safecoin are deemed sound and ready for use.

In my day, I would have assumed your position, and what I’ve described at first surprised me, but I didn’t question it because it seems to fit current practice: cf. Gmail, which was in beta for years.

We can at least agree that the testing needs to be adequate before real Safecoin! :slight_smile:


The actual answer in 2025

I bet you 1 bitcoin it will be ready way before that.


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