New Roadmap Published

Just to keep everyone in the loop, we published a new roadmap yesterday and the following blog post explains how we see things shaping up moving forward. Progress has been something to behold of late and long may it continue. The conscientiousness and passion of the engineers has been impressive to say the least and I know we are all feeding off the energy generated by the community. Let’s keep this going everyone, the ants are coming!!

####EDIT: Current roadmap (Apr/2017)


This is great to see! I am sure it will settle a few investors’ nerves and start to build the excitement again!


great work @nicklambert ! Question about the LAN-connection, this is not a way where the whole network is tested and people connect all over the globe? More to try at home as a Dev?

This is just because it’s TCP at the moment. You can run from home as we have allowed nodes via bootstrap to be able to set the port they listen on, so you can port forward your router just now for instance. Next sprint you will see reliable udp and hole punching as well as upnp and friends as well as others. I am very hopeful for a quick dash towards mesh for crust as well. We are gathering some very decent networking Engineers around us so it all seems much closer now.

We will provide nodes form home documentation as we go along, for now we were focussed on getting developers their login and NFS api to start converting apps and building new apps.


Where is “feature complete” placed in this new roadmap, dev bundle 3?

Yes our short term feature complete is there, i.e. storage/messaging/safecoin etc.

We had the notion though we are never going to launch in the sense of the word. So you will see the network live again and features being added, allowing apps to be developed. So therefore as of last sprint devs can create apps from now (instructions to follow).

I see the launch proper will be driven by apps, otherwise folks will say - so a network, now what and expect to click something.

We like others will create apps, but want to give everyone the jump on us and start now! The killer app will actually be the launch in my eyes, people will not even know they jumped on SAFE, well not immediately. As more apps happen folks will quiz it and then know.

We will be then creating apps and the roadmap will roll on, with compute, mesh, private shares and many more features. This roadmap will now never finish :wink:

To help with progress I have proposed a new feature to the network, RFC’s which can be found here GitHub - maidsafe/rfcs: Request for Comment (RFC) papers and discussions on Project SAFE core libraries and APIs So when we get past dev bundle 3 these will all be considered (no point in features without a complete baseline and I see bundle 3 as a nice baseline to work from). Now the community spreads further I hope and everyone can become involved with future features.

[edit, anyone interested in new features on the horizon should subscribe to this repo, by selecting watch from the top button and you will get emailed with discussions and rfc’s]


Do I understand correctly?
If my mate down the road texts me to say started a node running on, I can set my router accordingly and text him back that I have also started a node at and we should be ablre to work remotely, pass messages etc?

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Yes this will be the case. There will be a network running as well so you can both just connect to it and this bundle login and store data etc. Next bundle messages and public data (websites and such) and so on.


Very cool, thanks a lot for this roadmap and the blog!

With the current rate of development, how many sprints do you estimate the two remaining bundles to take?

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2 :wink: (one sprint == one bundle, the parts may move from 3 → 2 and vice versa but all in next 2 sprints)

[Edit, the current completed sprint was the biggest we will probably ever do, I hope]


And these sprints will take merely 3 weeks each?

Pretty much planning can take up to 1.5 weeks and a sprint can take 3 weeks, normally we expect a 1 week planning two week sprint though. It’s very intense so we gave the Engineers Monday off for fear they would burn out, this was a mammoth sprint. Of course I see them on slack working still. At least we try


Is it true that the yum-yums are laced with glucose and caffeine during these sprints?


Now we can cut them down to single weeks :slight_smile:


So if I’m understanding correctly, initially it’s all going through TCP until UTP and NAT punchthrough is finished?

Separate but related question, how does the client know where to make the initial connections (probably needed for NAT punchthrough eventually as well)? Does it have a hard coded list of IP addresses or something?

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Yes it is, allows us to test with known solid transport layer, so we plug in utp etc. and it should stay solid or crust alone has an issue.

Very first connection is via seed nodes (listed in a bootstrap.cache file), unless there is a node on the LAN (later gossip takes this away we hope). The file is json and can be edited by hand to tell the client to connect to your friend for instance. It then builds up its own cache of nodes last seen.

For vaults you can also set this to start on a fixed port for port forwarding etc.


Excellent! This is good news to have such a detailed explanation of the timeline, project goals, and next steps.


Sorry to kick an old thread in the behind … but I just thought I’d have a look for a roadmap … not sure if there is one anymore, but a couple of links in this thread and an older one lead to a 404 not found page here:

I think that 1) if there is a roadmap page somewhere, then perhaps that 404 page could redirect to the actual roadmap … OR 2) if there isn’t a roadmap at all anymore (which I doubt is true), then the 404 page maybe could be changed to an actual page that says something explaining the situation instead of giving a 404.



No worries. This is the current roadmap page: but we will get it updated to incorporate current progress and the info provided within this dev update. Agree that should also redirect to this page. Thanks for the heads up!

Edit: URL updated


Quick fyi…roadmap page has now been updated.