Farming for non-techies

Hello all.

I am new here.

I posted this on Reddit earlier and thought I would post here also.

Basically I am a non-techie and am the noobiest of noobs. My technical
prowess consists of using the Internet to watch cat videos and asking
my wife to find the popcorn setting for me on the microwave… haha JK.

I’m not that bad, i’m probably more technically minded than the
average Joe who thinks Facebook IS the Internet but for example I can’t
really code apart from a little HTML I learnt and I have managed and had
developed for me some websites as well as tinkering around with Doge, QRK and
Bitcoin mining in the early days on an old DELL Inspiron I had which I
fried :confused:

How would someone like me get up and running on a hobby basis and
then hopefully into a more commercial setup (money is not really a big deal).

My main issue like I said is the technical know how e.g. what
hardware to buy and run, setting all of that up, the OS setup,
maintenance etc.

I know some of you may be thinking ‘well if you don’t know what you
are doing then stay out of it’ which is fair enough but I want to learn
and I want to contribute.

As far as I understand the 3rd test is were we can tinker around with
fake coin farming and have a play on the network and that this testnet3
start date has not yet been announced? Would I be right and if so when
it is announced how would we begin? Just by signing up via the website and then downloading some sort of application or



TestNet 3 date not yet announced; though looks good;

I hear is going to see an update; and have a link as to where to download the SAFE Launcher application; drive, decentralized storage is there, vaults for storing and transmitting the data pieces is there;

Yepp, just download the software and run it on your machine, set up a vault;
there is plenty of discussion regarding the safecoin farming aspect; yet conclusions are yet to be determined, I think on what is best to farm safecoins on;
there’s this age old thread:

if you use the magnifying glass at the top right of the screen in, you can search “farming hardware” or any other search you’d like to see some keywords on;


Hopefully we will be able to get an idiot proof dummies guide tutorial of sorts for people like me that has literal “Step 1, Step 2” type of instructions.

Non-techies like me can be very helpful, we just need a little guidance.

Me for example. I am in an area of Australia that is completely surrounded by fibre (I am next, sometime this year), I have massive amounts of space that can be easily equipped and cooled in my house/garage, I can easily upgrade my Internet plan with one phone call, will have solar PV setup very soon (aiming for at least 8KW but hopefully more pending price) and I don’t mind spending money and getting friends on board.


I’ll put my hand up to work on such a tutorial guide. Happy to work with anyone else interested in doing the same.