Safecoin Live Release

Do we have a rough guess when Safecoin will be live and operational?

Next two sprints will see test-safecoin being used live, all going well then it may be weeks later. Lots to test and we need to make sure there are apps using it etc. So all we can do is keep this frantic pace up, we can see a few weeks in front at the moment, more than that would be a pure guess and if we made a guess it’s then widely reported as a promise so we don’t. I hope you understand. As usual everything is transparent though, so you and everyone will see it happen.

I think with the current speed and focus we will need to sit back in peace and analyse the network properly before switching safecoin live. Securing and making data work will be for sure step 1. Safecoin is only data after that so we will keep focus.


Thanks, can’t wait! Impressed by the progress being made.


Your welcome, glad to help.


That’s the best case scenario.
David himself told that it may be 1.5 weeks planning, and 3-4 weeks sprints…so I would say a more realistic estimation is 1.5 month per bundle, making it ~3 months for the 2 bundles.

In any case, to see the network going live at the beginning of September will be awesome.

You didn’t read the latest post apparently:

I’m just saying, hope for the best, prepare for the worst! :wink:

it’s 1 - 1.5 weeks planning and 2-3 weeks coding. So can be from 3 weeks total to 4.5 weeks per sprint. That’s with no breaks either :wink: These sprints we are doing are full of features and beyond what should be done. So we try to ensure there is not too much pressure. We seem to be on route to handling this load though and last sprint was 100% complete before the time was up, so nice. We dropped 2 features though which go to next sprint (sentinel integration and refresh/account transfer completion). You will see in the roadmap what’s involved though.

Now the community can do tasks as well it may get even faster, which means more security analysis, but lets see.