FOSS social and messengers

I made this thread to talk about FOSS social and messengers and try to make safe related communities grow in them!


  1. post your favorite platform
  2. post an invitation to DM
  3. post an invitation to a group chat

are we ready to expand and grow to FOSS ‘alternatives’?

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I use IM that is using the matrix protocol:

DM me:

join a group chat I made in matrix protocol:
Safe Network - Matrix Lounge

most use the default client called Element (web/desktop/android/iOS) and most are on homeserver (instance)

I am also on activity pub (mastodon)

hit me with a DM or mention:

should I put this under marketing?

imagine that we might create communities in all FOSS IM and Social? that would be awesome marketing based on the community!

Nice thread @SmoothOperatorGR :wink:

I prefer not to post my social and chat publicly, but if anyone is interested, send me a DM and I’ll give you the details.

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