Can we get Chat going on this forum?

Hey I’ve been on this forum for years and would really like to have a FB-like “Chat” option!

Discourse offers it with this plugin, and in addition to that, MaidSafe’s own @lightyear has started this work on an additional plugin for it.

It would be great for new developers or anyone interested in SAFE to be able to have dynamic, real-time chats with more experienced safer-s so things can really get rolling!! I’ll stay online longer so people can ask me Dev questions anytime

Please everyone support this!! Should be very easy for @frabrunelle to integrate and will be very valuable for our community!!

please nobody shove this into the dark depths of #meta !!!


Why not just use the chats we already have? Does it offer anything special?

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Nobody ever goes on any of those ever

It’s much better if it’s built in here, because everyone’s here mainly

How would you know if you never go there?

I do.

I’ve left messages on there and waited 4 days with no answer, sometimes longer.

Much smarter to make use of the 2k+ community members we already have right here


Lately those chats have been more active, and it’s been the forum that’s been quieter!

I think it’s also about whether people have time to get involved in discussions. I check into the forums and chat rooms frequently ( is brilliant for this as I can check lots all in one place). I like to respond if I can help but only if I have the time, and I often don’t. I’m sure others do this too, but as I’ve said the chat rooms have been more active lately and nowhere near as unresponsive as you think.


It might just take some time (and also a bit of advertisement - forum/website/…). Im on the chat whenever I’m in riot, which has been quite a lot lately, and whenever a question came up, it was answered and discussed pretty quickly.
I also like it that its not only one chat, but its also connected to the slack and whatnot. I don’t really get it all tbh, but yet another chat would be a bit much for me to join I think.


All your points make sense except this one.

You’re already on this forum right now, so if a chat bar was built into this right here, you wouldn’t need to sign up for anything additional.

All I’m talking about is improving this discourse instance which you’re using right now already


If they do it it should be searchable and archived so good stuff isn’t lost to the forum.

Chat is much harder to moderate and the culture here may get frusterated. What if a bunch of leftists start trying to paint the entire forum political?

Lol I never know when you’re joking or not.

But chat is private, like your messages.

Used facebook before? Honestly asking

What if a bunch of libertarian nutjobs start posting their free-market idiocy?


But chat is private, like your messages.

I don’t know how the discourse chat works, but that’s not what I understand by chat…

Only private chats are private, there are also public “rooms” - the difference with chat is just that it is more immediate, lots of shorter items, more conversational, and not threaded (by topic). Just split into category based public rooms or private rooms (which can be one to one).

So maybe discourse chat is a bit different.

They described it to be like facebook’s built in chat, where it shows who’s online and you can start private conversations anytime


I only use Facebook chat one to one, but I’d be surprised if it doesn’t also support multiple person rooms. Public rooms seem less likely though in think on Facebook, but I don’t know.

On discourse who knows - given that it’s geek oriented I’d expect it does, or will at some stage.


it does now, that “Babble” plugin i linked to in the OP is very popular and supported by Discourse

please @frabrunelle can we give it a shot?

I’ll offer another thought on this one:

Why not go indie-p2p… put webrtc voice/video/text on the site… relatively painless these days, though surely wouldn’t be witout its annoyances.

Anyway, I’ve always wanted to see chats better integrated with forums. Right now they’re “siloed.”

Can’t have that, now can we? (if you don’t get the reference, count yourself lucky)


It looks like there is currently a bug that prevents people from using this plugin with the latest version of Discourse. See this topic.

Personally I would prefer to wait until this plugin gets officially recommended by the Discourse team before we consider adding it. It looks like there is still a lot of development to be done before this plugin becomes more stable.

Also, since this forum is hosted by the Discourse team (on their Business plan), we can’t install custom plugins. We would have to wait for them to add it to their list of “Advanced plugins” (Discourse plugins that are automatically installed for forums on their Business plan).


Thanks for the reply @frabrunelle

Have thought a bit more about it, yea maybe it would actually be nice. So maybe we can give it a try once it’s an advanced plugin!

Although I like decentralisation, its really a pita for me to check everything maidsafe/safenet has goin atm, like reddit, bitcointalk, that other one with the FAQs, slack/riot, safenetforum, dev forum what else? oh my…


Well you know where I stand on that.