Safe Network chat rooms

This forum is great for having in-depth discussions on topics related to the Safe Network. But in some cases, maybe you don’t feel like creating a new forum topic. For example, you might prefer to first ask your question in a chat room and only create a new forum topic if necessary.

All the chat rooms below are bridged together. For example, any messages you post on Matrix will automatically show up on Telegram, Discord and Gitter.


The General chat room can be used for general discussion about the Safe Network, and it’s a good place to ask for help.


The Development chat room can be used for technical discussion about the core libraries and APIs of the Safe Network, and it’s a good place to talk with other developers.


The Trading chat room can be used for discussion about MaidSafeCoin/Safecoin and other cryptocurrencies.


The Off-Topic chat room can be used to chat about politics, philosophy and anything else not directly related to the Safe Network.

Note: You can see all the above Matrix rooms in one place by joining the community.

What is Matrix?

Matrix is an open network for secure, decentralized, real-time communication. You can run your own homeserver if you want. Or you can use any service provider you want (similar to email where you can choose between Gmail, Yahoo, Outlook, etc.).

The Matrix rooms mentioned above are hosted on, which is a free homeserver operated by the main developers of Matrix. This website provides a list of other public Matrix homeservers.

What is Riot?

Riot is an open source Matrix client. It’s available on web, desktop and mobile:

Here’s a screenshot of the Riot web app:

What about Slack and IRC?

We used to have bridges between Matrix and Slack but we had to disable them because of spam issues. Same thing for the bridges between Matrix and IRC.


But I assume the slack and IRC channels still exist, even though they’re not bridged, right?

Can we link to those in this OP message?

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The Slack channel is deprecated. The form to join it is still available here but there’s not much point in joining it since no one is actively using it (the last message was on August 6).

The IRC channels still exist but no one is actively moderating them and as far as I know, no one is actively using them. The channels are: #safenetwork, #safenetwork-dev and #maidsafecoin on freenode.

I would prefer to use this OP only for chat options that are actively being used by the SAFE Network community. I also think it’s preferable to have these chat options bridged together to avoid splitting the community unnecessarily. We could consider re-adding the IRC bridges at some point if there is demand to do so. Personally, I would recommend people that like to use IRC to give Matrix a try :slightly_smiling_face:


Cool thanks for clarification Francis


The open decentralised communciations network has been adopted by France for their secure instant messenger.

This standards based communication project is gaining momentum and could be a good starting place for any Safe Network messaging protocol. Lots of rust code as well.


join them all with ease by using this link to a “community” I created

See also: :slightly_smiling_face:


can we edit the OP with newer information about riot/element developments? it would be confusing to a newcomer

I know we dont do bumps, but bump anyway in the hope that the matrix llink will get shared far and wide

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