Ethereum's Status Monitor puts our Network Monitor to shame

I must say @dirvine, when the Maidsafe Network Monitor came out, I thought it was pretty cool. But by comparison, Ethereum’s Status Monitor puts ours to shame! I could literally watch it all day long.

@Shona, I don’t know if you’re in charge of making everything graphical, but if you are designing the client UI, make sure to put in a farming view that will put Ethereum to shame! :smile:

Ethereum Status Monitor:

Maidsafe Network Monitor:


It looks like a fancy block explorer to me.


It looks like the level of detail (and more) you get from Vuze (formally Azurus) compared to other bittorent clients. Yes I like that level of detail.

I think the combination of the two formats would be brilliant. The tables and quantitative data really speaks to the scientist in me, but the beautiful edges and lines of the SAFE visualizer really speaks to the artist in me.


I agree we need to do better !

@Scott ? :smile: any chance you have a 25th hour?

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Of course we’d love to have the best of everything, and no doubt when this becomes a priority it can be extended both in features and design. But right now delivery is surely our highest priority, of the network, and functional, impressively designed core applications (launcher, messaging, storage, wallet etc).

Or we could clone @Scott and do everything! :slight_smile:


If we’d have more copies of @Scott Im sure we’d go much faster!

It’s something on my christmas wishlist for some time: to have a proper monitoring of your vault, locally with the information it has. So far it just does not seem to get high enough on the priority list. So I can’t throw poor Scott to the wolves, he’s already fully occupied.


Like @happybeing and @BenMS have said, this is something that we’re definitely thinking a lot about. I’m sure this will get improved on soon but currently we’re putting all our effort into other projects! :smiley:



It’s something on my christmas wishlist for some time: to have a proper monitoring of your vault, locally with the information it has.

Me too. I think it will be a very neat feature and people will love it, as a desktop/systray/etc widget too. So good to know you’re a fan!

Thanks for all the replies! It’s great to wake up with something to read. :smile:

It shouldn’t be high on the priority list for sure, but I saw this and thought you guys would love to see it. After all, everyone loves eye candy! I think we could make a vault status monitor that combines the two. The local vault status monitor would show the status and history of your own vaults, and we could also have a network wide status monitor that could use xor space to try to determine how many vaults exist.


See what $15,000,000.00 buys? Ethereum is 98% ready … just like the last mile in Fiber to the Home. All that glitters is not gold. I think, with time, the MaidSafe team @Scott can do much much better. Think visual.


What I find metaphorically funny is that every single logo is open ended: even the logos are incomplete!
Hahaha, excellent job on the unintended symbolism haha.

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Hey, this could possibly be a shared dev compnent for Klouds & Maidsafe. Before we launch we want to have a truly GORGEOUS opengl (webgl? html_gl?) visualzation of the network. I suspect that giving users a way to feel the hyperconnectivity will do a lot for Klouds, maidsafe as well. Function for what I need is basically showing connections between nodes and some container info-- at 60fps on a 4k tv. To see some innovative / awesome network vis stuff, do check out

PS: I do understand that safe’s implementation would need to be quite different.

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I also think having a great visualisation of the network activity will be key in the marketing communications.


UI should always be customizable. If the data is there, let people choose how they see it.

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