Safe Network Visualiser


WOW that looks great, to bad that there are just 178 vault, isn’t it suppose to be a minimum of 2500 before the system is not vunerable?

I would like to put up a vault, unfortunately I’m just a simple consumer. Maybe somebody can put up a youtube clip, how to do it? If I see how it should be done, I will try it.

I’m gonna need a bigger monitor


Wow, guys, more of THIS.

For me personally, I don’t know exactly what I’m looking at, but I get the general idea. Which means this will translate to other folks. It seems like stuff is happening and that’s a fantastic way to generate attention. Good stuff!


Yes this is the first of a few networks this week, I expect one week of us tearing down and building. You are right this should not work in less than a few thousand nodes, its down to the routing accuracy we can make them so small.

Yes the smaller the network the more vulnerable it is (folk can hack the individual machines), but as it grows then so does speed, security etc. pretty cool.

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Viv went over the visualiser at the SF hangout (basically though we have coded our first debug vaults to send back to us all actions etc. so we can watch and monitor them, it wont scale and is only a debug tool, the release nodes will not report any actions to anyone :slight_smile:


Absolutely fantastic - great job!

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