Update 21st March, 2024

Looking for an updated white paper for the project, plus new branding…have a read of the Introducing our latest White Paper and… autonomi post if you haven’t already :tada:

We’ve also gotten a new testnet up now we’ve squashed some BadNode detection issues. This testnet adds in some basic detection of anomalous node behaviours, and aims to keep the network’s routing tables nice and tidy, and neat.

Beyond that, the team has been continuing to push forward across many fronts!

General Progress

@roland, and @qi_ma have been testing and tweaking the bad_node detection mechanisms. We now have some basic checks in place to pick up close nodes that are failing to replicate data, or find distant nodes whose peers seem to have a similar opinion. This allows us to clean up the routing table and should hopefully prevent the network degrading over time.

@bochaco continues to flesh out our folders commands by adding more tests over there. Similarly, @jason_paul has been getting to grips with both CI and existing tests in order to help improve things on that front.

@chriso has made improvements and updates to allow for simpler faucet upgrades and better node management.

@benno has worked up some code to more efficiently enable websockets, and now is pivoting to look at increasing security around the wallet. Which @mav has also been adding to with a pr to add mnemonic entropy generation via EIP2333 like specifications.

And last but not least, @anselme has refactored the DAG and audit code, making it more robust and fixing bugs. We’re starting to look at the requirements for running DAG nodes, in order to see how best this can be integrated into network operations.


Woohoo! first :clap::clap::clap::clap::clap:!!!


Ill take the second place!


On the box! :wink:

Great update! The dynamics do not weaken, a big thank you to the team and all active ants for their hard work! :point_left: :clap: :clap: :clap: :smile:

No Safe, no wave.


Exciting times!!!


Soo much going on!! It’s a whirlwind!.

I looked for Maidsafe on X to share the update and found it is now @withautonomi, that makes sense it has the most followers, what happens with @safenetworktech now?


Thanks so much to the entire Maidsafe team for all of your hard work! :horse_racing:

And also to all the community members testing the testnets! :horse_racing:


Fantastic stuff to all the team :sunglasses:

I’m going back to the testnet whence I came from


It feels like there is real buzz now! I’m thoroughly enjoying playing with the new test network too - it’s been a while since I had a proper mess with one and this one feels pretty solid! Props to all the devs!

The white paper and re-branding are both excellent too. Great work team!


Thanks to all the original team for the 18 years of hard work.
Thanks to all the recent arrivals for the skills, experience, energy, fresh outlook they have brought to this project.

Hugs to you all :slight_smile:


Just one word “wow”…

Years looking almost daily on the forum, reading the weekly updates, progress here, rework there… Many good suggestions by forum members (or as @Bux likes to say OGs :grin:), some disagreements here and there… But all with a common dream… Getting the network to work, and even though we are not there yet, so much is happening!!

Great whitepaper and love the new name. Really cannot wait to see how this all will continue to unfold :smile:!


Great work @maidsafe and everyone involved. :clap:


Kept periodically looking for the update today and somehow missed it! Must not have been pinned but that’s okay. A lot of other things to be pinned such as the White Paper, which is great to have finally. Something to refer myself and others to and with complete detail.

What a whirlwind.

Keep up the great work @maidsafe as always.


I wish you would have at least made the rebrand something like:

Autonomi: The safe network.

Or called it “[insert any pleasant word here]:The safe network.”

Or instead not bothered with a rebrand at all.

Also, the little logo in front of the a in autonomi doesn’t look good. What is it supposed to be, an @ symbol wrapped around a sphere? Please don’t say it is supposed to be the profile of an ant head, because that’s a leap. The safe network logo or the maidsafe logo or something else would look better there.


I think Autonomi is a great name, memorable and catchy and fits crypto/AI narratives.

The whitepaper is a nice read and it’s great to see tokenomics finalized.

What will the ticker be called? $AUTONOMI is a tad long for a ticker and ideally there’d be a cash tag that works on X i.e. 6 characters or less


Thx 4 the update Maidsafe devs

Antonomi ticker symbol: auto, because we’ll drive fiat crazy, but on a bicycle or motorcycle…

Thank you, thank you, thank you for the testnet

Keep hacking/testing super ants

I was also thinking about the ticker symbol :sweat_smile:


$AUTO is cool, there is some existing usage on that one though

I like $AI naturally but there’s a few projects on that one too.

$MI $AMI look unused

or just $TONOMI


I personally think the branding goes much deeper and the token will have a completely unique but related or themed name. So I wouldn’t suspect the ticker would be representing the name Autonomi. Just a guess on my part.

Jim had so much good stuff in relation to “unlocking safe’s” etc. so I wonder if these things have equally clever concepts or if they will end up being more straight forward / technical?? I did like the ring of SafeID’s too for digital identities.

There is so much yet to be revealed.

I promise I’m not an easily entertained ape. It’s just this project, it gets me every time. Always a journey.


I had suggested “powered by SAFE”

In any case the project has changed gears into beta and promoting it to a much wider audience and onto launch. The wider audience is beyond crypto & tech and no longer the relatively small world at the intersection of crypto & tech.

We were told about the rebranding for some time now from at least 12 months ago and it is best to rebrand at the start (if there was to be a rebrand) of the beta and promotion to the wider audience. Ripping off the bandaid fast if you will. If done at or after launch then the much larger audience would be like whats going on.