MaidSafe Visualiser Relooked

This is an amazing a unique visualization of the network connectivity :smile:


Once we hit Beta, I guess this becomes a Core Dev only view?

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Anyone can view the network visualiser at

maidsafe testnet visualiser

Click connection maps and you can watch the timeline on how vaults have connected.

@dirvine will the network visualiser work even after test nets are finished?

Yep I’m up with that, but I’m pretty sure this would be locked down to core devs after launch.

Yes or anyone who wants to compile special versions (debug versions) of vaults, maybe researchers. So yes this depends on the nodes sending data to a server which is not normal behaviour. The new view is pretty good though as it lets us see what the network is doing at a small scale only. The intention is we will (or anyone will) have some nodes compiled like this for some debugging, so they are injected into the network. It’s the easy way to test and valuable. It also shows that nodes cannot give up info on others otherwise its a leak.

So a long winded way of saying yes this is all core dev / testing stuff.


There are several different network virtualization / layout algorithms out there, some would give even better sense of connectivity, and if nodes have other data this can be represented too (e.g throughput, vault size, spare vault capacity etc).

I used to develop software that had this capability. Not the layout itself, but I know the man who did, and from another life I also know the man behind Information Is Beautiful

So if it’s something you guys want to take further at some point I may be able to help.


What do the colour codes mean? I assume that the blue is a normal connction, but what about the red and yellow?

The code needs to be explicitly compiled with the option for the vaults to send this status information to the visualiser server. So the normal executable does not have code in it to report its vault status.

So when we hit Beta, that network will not have those reporting codes in it. All lights turned off; we only turn them on for testnets.


Certainly, those segments will be scrapped and thrown aside from the ‘final’ repository?

The map only shows the four closest connections (when you highlight a node), blue are the correct closest connections, an orange line is a reported closest connection, but (knowing all vaults at the visualiser server) it is not the closest connection; rather it should be connected over the red shown connection (which is a missing connection).

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Nicely described…thanks.