Does ProjectSAFE actually need promotion?

If I have this correct Marc Andreessen just remarked that if he could do it over again, ProjectSAFE would be the approach. This suggest that the mind share is in place with the people who will spread the project already. This happened without a huge marketing budget or allowing the organization to be skewed or driven by marketing.

I get that the value of the network increases with more users, but sense that even one unit that delivers on the promise will be sufficient to start the fire. My sense is that aside from stickers, and showing up at the right trade shows and correcting negative PR from natural adversaries- that money may be better spent on compelling follow on elements like a SAFEOS, SAFESearch and SAFEPhone.

The self obvious necessity of the project holds too I think if the focus is always on the utility to us as end users vice us as developers, or business owners or politicians. It can’t be another supply side system and have the necessary impact, not even a little bit.

You are of course assuming money from the Maidsafe development budget is being diverted into advertising. But if you were paying attention on the gameification thread the ideas posed did the complete opposite. Users would donate their own safecoin to cover whatever costs there would be (eg. the pay it forward method or my suggestion of a raffle) and thus no funds would be diverted away from projects like SAFEOS and SAFEPhone. Moreover you are also assuming that promotion of SAFE requires funds at all. People could volunteer their time and skills to promote SAFE. Really is all this about money for you?

You attack business owners but forget that every free individual that wants to make money IS a business owner. Everyone selling their labour is in business. Everyone who has a job is in business. Everyone who uses currency is in business. And the purpose of the safe network is to decentralize power. Again wherever people have opinions there will be politics, even on this forum there have been politics and discussions of democracy and reputation systems. And again SAFE is about decentralizing power. Do you think that you are going to get away from “business” and “politics” on the safe network? No. This divide you are trying to create is futile.

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Upfront, I don’t think people can sell their labor, anymore than they can sell their time, that’s a huge misunderstanding in the use of language we have to move beyond.

On the contrary, I am suggesting that money not be expended on promotion. Also suggesting that nothing be altered or compromised for the sake of promotion. I am suggesting that if MaidSAFE delivers on its promise by delivering a working satisfactory system, even prior to scale, more than sufficient promotion may well come of its own accord just from that event. Also that any effort to promote could have a de-legitimizing impact. Imagine ‘promoting’ the FED even at its birth, the more you push the less apt its seems. Fed just popped into existence.

Big marketing budgets are essential only when competition is immense. like geico - there is infinite cheap car insurances; and coca cola - anyone could be drinking anything else of course

The flawed internet is not being redesigned by many, while apparently some projects have recently come up to create a more secure internet, most just getting started.

So, MaidSafe is in a home stretch; therefore, there is virtually no competition so the marketing ought to be just highly strategic; and thoroughly implemented.

obviously :wink:

MaidSafe adoption is inevitable…


This is a concept that our whole captialist quid pro quo economic system is built on. So I think this is something we have to address. I give you money, you give me your labour. Fair exchange. And you are saying people can’t sell their labour or time, which is essentially what they’re doing. Yes people are selling their time and energy in exchange for money which could be interpreted as a measure of time and energy, or just power, since time and energy is a form of power. Give me money, one form of power in exchange for time and energy another form of power.

So you’re in essence saying the core code should be left alone and that any promotion should be done in the form of an app. Well good for you that’s already been suggested. And already I have said money will not be diverted from development budget towards promotion. Read my above post. Are you honestly comparing maidsafe to the FED?

I don’t think we really need a marketing budget so much as we simply need to spread the word about maidsafe. It’s obscure. Most people don’t know about bitcoin, hell most people don’t know how to run their own computers properly for crying out loud and are still using internet explorer. I don’t think it’s a huge thing to say that getting the word out there about maidsafe would be a good idea.


I think once it works, it shall sell itself. I was just thinking about it today, and I had a really good idea for an app… If it is a tool that solves problems, developers will flock to it.


I was thinking that products that need to be pushed are weak and the world would be better off without them or with less of them. Imagine turning ProjectSAFE into an ad, another work of sponsorship. Nice if it breaks sponsorship. We want to turn down the voice of money

What about all those great inventions, works, and creators that are of great merit but lost to obscurity? Also promotion doesn’t equal money. You don’t always get paid to advertise.

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