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I have been quitely following maid for almost 7-8 months. From what I understood, maidsafe team is extremely confident that they can deliver what they promised and I can see that they are working extremely hard towards the goal.

Is there any marketing team working with dev team? There is very little information about safenet out there in the internet. Just a google search will tell you that not many people know about the project and there isn’t much conversation going on about safenet outside this forum. Why not spend some time marketing? Safenet need people to join the network to make it successful. We have alpha2 now where people can join and experiment cool things. I’m not sure how many people tried out alpha2. IMO it’s not too wise to think that people (mostly non-tech) will come once the product is launched. There are too many scam projects nowadays and finding a good project is like finding a niddle in heystack.

So where is the marketing team? Is it possible to give some sort of update about marketing team’s roadmap/plans etc just like weekly dev update? No need to update us every week! It’ll be nice to know whats going on as I honestly don’t see any excitement by crypto enthusiast or community (outside safenet forum) regrading safeness. It’s not a good sign IMHO.


See this thread: Preparing a coordinated marketing campaign - #395 by Nigel


I disagree, weekly update just became something special to me. hoping for that next big thing every time, I kinda get enthusiastic. I dont want it to stop
also while vaults from home arent a thing, (until alpha 4) weekly dev updates was the first thing that made me believe project was not a scam. Then I researched enough to know it wasnt. So until beta or at least alpha 4 weekly updates should not stop. in my honest opinion. Though marketing is important it will get us nothing more than a short term hype when there isnt even a working product(I know its decentralized in the sense there is a lot of vaults but all of them are run by maidsafe for development purposes so I dont think it counts).
but there is also the fact we need to get developers on board before launch to leverage safe networks full potential. So between alpha 4 and beta we need to make some real noise


I think newbie meant that a marketing update is not needed every week but occasionally (in addition to the dev update) .

It is clear from the new hire that they understand the importance of marketing to a wider audience, I think they were looking for 2 digital marketers not sure if a second is still on the cards.
That said there is a lot for Sarah to wrap her head around, then to digest it all and spit it out in easily understood marketable chunks with a formulated plan is probably a daunting task.

I am not sure marketing to the general non tech public is of any use until we have a number of apps that will retain their attention, wasted resource at this time. So in my opinion marketing should be to developers at this point.


OH that makes way more sense. Sorry I misunderstood you @newbie


Yes I meant occasional update. Maybe the team can add a new paragraph in weekly update about marketing progress.

Crypto space is quite different now compared to early bitcoin days. I know when bitcoin started, not many people knew about it. I also didn’t bother to buy bitcoins as I thought it’s just a temporary hype back in 2011. However now the situation is quite different. There are way too many projects now and a project like SAFE deserves to be heard and understaood (at least on a high level) by crypto followers or ehtusiast. It’s depressing to see that even the typical crypto followers also don’t know much about the potential of safe, or have misinformation about it. I think marketing team should put more effort to change this. When bitcoin started, I remember that I didn’t know much about it but I knew that it has immense potential to change the financial market. I know that SAFE isn’t ready yet but it’ll be nice if people can at least comprehend it’s potential. That way maybe who knows- we can get more and more talented developers to play with safe and contribute to the network and testnets.

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How about Marketing Mondays? Then we would have 2 days a week to look forward to. Double the pulse?


Yea why not! Maybe weekly or biweekly update to start with.

Not just marketing. As far as I know maid isn’t involved or don’t participate in Blockchain conferences. I know that safe doesn’t use Blockchain but still it’s somewhat relevant to Blockchain or crypto projects in general. So participating in top Blockchain conferences will also spread the news and most importantly attract new developers.

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I’ve been a Maid follower for about 6 months and think that they are pretty strategic with all they do. We should start to see some action soon and even more when Alpha 3 and Data Chains start to surface.

The good thing about Maid being under the radar is the unbelievable price. I wish I had deeper pockets


I’m doing stuff for marketing :slight_smile:

We all gotta do what we can

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& if we’re trying to choose another day besides Thursday, I always try to get my weekly MaidSafe Update marketing infographic done by Friday, so that MaidSafe Asia can translate and release asap usually across the weekend.

So my vote is for “Facebook Fridays” or “Full-force Fridays” :P, since that day already receives a marketing boost across all social media outlets with our infographics

The biggest issue I see with all the marketing talk is a large portion of it is driven by hodl, dollars, money, greed.
Back in the day when everyone was excited about bitcoin (example only) it had zero to do with when lambo, when moon.
Motives are skewed. Mostly I think :thinking:

I think the lack of buzz it just starting to concern people. The word just needs to be seeping out of the maidsafe microcosm. I have heard people say before that maidsafe appears to exclude itself from the crypto scene, largely because they walk to their own beat, but they are probably the initial target audience.


Jason Calacanis is a successful Silicon Valley venture capitalist. He hosts the ‘This Week In Startups’ podcast, and has alluded to future political aspirations. Lately he had had several people from the crypto space on the show, and has talked quite a lot about the dangers of Facebook’s growing influence. In the last episode for example, he wondered if anyone would be successful if he posted $250k for an ‘OpenBook’ hackathon. They talked about existing attempts at this, but how they usually take the approach of running your own server etc, which is too cumbersome and complicated to appeal to the mainstream. Anyway, while I was listening it sounded to me like he was begging to hear about an autonomous network. I think he has a pretty big reach and influence, so I thought it might be useful if your marketing reached out to him.


Thanks for flagging this podcast. I will have a listen and reach out to him!


Hi all its great to see so much enthusiasm around marketing here! We are planning a new marketing strategy and will keep you in the loop as soon as possible.

I like the idea of adding marketing progress to the Dev Update and will try and add in when I can.

I am trying to expand our presence across social media and hope this will help us reach even more people and build the community, but this is only the tip of the iceberg. Love seeing forum members on other channels so feel free to connect.


When he first heard about FileCoin, his initial reaction was it is the dumbest thing he’s ever heard of to store files on other people’s computers. But I’m sure he could be enlightened :wink: