Does non coding project development get safecoin credit?

If you look around the forum here you’ll see a lot of the projects and have contributors that are non coders. I mean yes a program needs to be coded but it also needs the idea developed, refined, art to be made, the program to be tested, more ideas to be proposed, visualizations to be done, logic to be worked out, brainstorming, documentation to be written, translations to be done, UX engineers, music possibly to be composed, all kinds of stuff. So I guess my question comes down to is do the non coding project contributors get credit for their work and if so how? I mean it’s not THAT important but it’s kind of important given that project developers in maidsafe get a percentage of all safecoin generated if their project is used and becomes popular. And THEREFORE do the noncoders who participated get credit, and a cut of that? Or are the programmers essentially exploiting the non programmers for free labor and brains?

I mean as I said I don’t care that much, I’d help various projects anyway but I can see how this could escalate into a clear class distinction and power dynamic as things go on.

I have spent many hours in my head pondering this very topic. The simple solution I have come up with is a matter of exchanging the terms "investor, capitalist, owner…money) for term “contributors, thinker, labourer, engineer, artist…creator.” There has to be a system that will still protect the profit reward for all participants, but the SAFE network (resource focused) will immediately be better than the current system (Money focused). I am very excited to see what happens when the creators of the world are finally realized to be much more valuable than a currency.

My solution would be setting up an autonomous auto-pay feature where the SAFEcoin collected from APP reward will automatically split fairly and is distributed to all participant wallet’s. This scenario is a good example for me what a ledger/block-chain technology would be useful.


Its all dependent on IP rights and how soon safe would recognize a person’s idea, has some worth before programmers jump into building the app. With a proper system in place all contributors to an app should be compensated for it. After all without the idea in the first place the programmer wouldn’t have anything to build.

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I’ve thought about the same and always felt that why shouldn’t non coders be rewarded with a bounty system. Maybe someone will create an app that allows any project to post what they need, the brief and what they are willing to pay then vets applicants and chooses a ‘supplier’. It would be nice to see an escrow service in place when it comes time for payment. I see this happening for all projects on the network and not just MaidSafe bounties. I think contributor agreements should take care of any concern over IP rights.


I will agree idea creation has value in both systems, but true resource based economy will be much more balanced. @mwaa do you think the whole concept of IP ownership is going to change in a SAFE world? I think the change has already begun with crowd funding as an example of a paradigm shift…and even going further by using the Project SAFE as an even more detailed example.

A phrase I have read related to the SAFE network that comes to mind is ‘SAFE is anetwork that is both no one’s and everyone’s at the same time.’

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This sounds like it could be worked into the SAFEhub, the github replacement.

Perhaps it would be better to think of app developer rewards differently… as far as I’m aware, safecoin app payments go towards the application as a whole and it is up to the team building it to divide it up.


@MrAnderson This is indeed true but also found that this statement is not entirely true reason been there has to be a controlling body for any project to succeed. For SAFE at the moment the controlling body is Maidsafe so it belongs to them and we can only contribute to their project.

This is evident with current bounty system implemented. Its all up to Maidsafe to decide on what you get. When it grows that’s when it will be owned by everyone but still a consensus has to be reached for anything to be implemented.