SF Bitcoin Meetup (MaidSafe Moments)

This guy talked about MaidSafe and @dallyshalla

Check the part from 32m35s to 33m30s :smiley:

Also from 45m20s to 46m45s (after that there is no audio for some reason)

Keep it up, @dallyshalla!


@frabrunelle nice find; the actual text:


The SAFE Network rewards app developers for making apps. Some apps are so significant and so usually used. Therefore, we know from example of the current financial system, that We at Infinity Algorithms do not model; and will instead reward the people equally of the applications it deploys.

Of course We will allocate such a small portion to the maintenance of the development team that will maintain and keep this application up to date. This is only normal. Though We know that the people who use those applications that provide free transactions, decentralized, and custodian less; therefore security is at a maximum, and is unmatched in the digital environment on this planet today.

This reward system will collect the total number people who have used the application within a certain predetermined period of time. When a reward from the SAFE Network arrives to the app, it will be distributed equally among each person who had used the application during that block. The block is then reset after a reward is distributed.


Lol… since I organize the SF Bitcoin meetup I try not to be too obviously biased towards promoting Maidsafe so it’s good to have @dallyshalla there as well! :slight_smile:


And sorry for the quality of the live stream. That was our second go at it and we’re still working out some kinks. :wink: