What's in it for developers?

15% of all safecoin earned will be allocated to the developer pool. This will ensure the developer community is highly motivated and rewarded for providing free-to-use applications as their revenue model. It is proposed that developers are able to use the SAFE network to publish their applications. These application developers are called Builders and the network will reward use of these applications by paying the Builders in safecoin based on the application use by users of the system. This is possible since the application developer can insert their own network immutable wallet address in their application. This exciting proposal may be a fully automatic revenue model for both open source projects, private individuals and application development companies. Developers who contribute code that enhances or fixes bugs in the SAFE network that are accepted into the master branch of the codebase will also be able to earn safecoin.

The source to this question can be found at http://www.safecoin.io/ FAQ

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Please try to phrase the the title of these FAQ posts as questions if possible. Or at least make the title more descriptive. I wasn’t sure what this post was until reading the answer.

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This could have problems. What if I made an app which is a Safecoin faucet?

The result is it would quickly become the most popular app on the network.
So it would receive the maximum amount of Safecoins.

So everyone else would make competing faucets?

The main problem with this is they aren’t telling us what decides how much Safecoin an app gets beyond just popularity which isn’t necessarily the best way to go about it. Perhaps it’s the only way and maybe it will work well if there is a way to get some sort of feedback from the users.

This is getting feedback from the network itself but the users can’t vote on the app?

I think its best if app developers have their own coin most of the time because I can see more advantages to that than I can see if every app developer rides on Safecoin.

If it’s each app developer with their own coin then they can distribute shares of their specific app. It would not necessarily effect Safecoin.

If they use Safecoin then it would be as if Facebook offered dollars only with no stock. So the way to do this I think would be for app developers to get paid in Safecoin and then offer shares in the app via the appcoin.

That is how I would do it. Because if I’m a developer after I have been paid then it’s a matter of who will own the app? So shares would represent who owns the app and allow users to vote on new features, earn shares, and work directly for the app itself without having to worry about the price of Safecoin.

The only price they would have to worry about is the price of their shares of the app which could double as access tokens to special features of the app.

This isn’t as good as free apps but it’s unclear how much Safecoin will be worth early on and also Safecoin isn’t going to dramatically rise with the popularity of the app. So how much Safecoin the app receives and for how long would matter too which means it could never act as shares (dilution).

I do think Safecoin will be a good bootstrap mechanism though to get the initial apps funded.