What About a safe4commit.com Site to Boost Development

There are probably a lot of people who would like to work on MaidSAFE, but aren’t because there is no immediate financial award. What about a site like peer4commit.com, focused on MaidSAFE?

Actually 10% of all Safecoin’s new issuance is going to go to funding open source app builders. And let’s not forget about all the BTC and MSC that Maidsafe raised…

Having a tip4commit is definitely something that is noteworthy but having mentioned that I have a feeling that a better and more integrated system will be devised when applications like BuilderHub get into the development phase.


Marin, thanks. I missed the BuilderHub discussion but am reading it now, pretty interesting.


@physics glad you’re interested. There is a BuildItHub category that is hidden unless you look under the projects category. You can read more, ask questions, etc. It’s slow going but I’m committed to seeing something done with the idea for MaidSafe devs who want to build OVNs.

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We are also looking at ways of incentivising and rewarding developers who help with the maintenance of the underlying network code. This could take many forms, maybe issuing public bounties for the individuals within the SAFE development pods to work on.