Debian / Ubuntu packages, Is there anyone working on it? Project MaidSafe registed at


Is there anyone working to package MaidSafe source code for Debian / Ubuntu?



We are, Ben is redoing the installers. If you are in debug mode just type make makedsafe-dev and you will get an installer (there are a few). This uses fpm so a short cut. Anyone looking to take this on would be a great help though. At least the current versions have the scripts atc all there. I also did a repository for these (signed .deb’s).

I would love the community to grab this though it would help a lot. We would obviously supply everything needed, @BenMS will help here I reckon.


Cool! Tks! Let me ask a few more questions…

  • Where is located your APT Repository? Is it public?

  • Does your APT Repository have the source packages as well? I think not, since you guys are building it using FPM… Nevertheless, I’m not sure if FPM provides source packages, or not…

I’m thinking about the design of native Debian / Ubuntu packages, so, I can upload it to an “Ubuntu PPA” repository… Or even upload it to Debian Experimental…

Currently, I’m maintaining a few packages for Enlightenment Desktop, here: Enlightenment & EFL : Thiago Martins

So, I have an experience with Debian packaging… I think I can help! Until now, I can easily package a source code, if it provides something like this: “./configure ; make ; make install” but, I never packaged something that uses “cmake”, I think it might be a good reason to start learning about this now…

BTW, I just compiled MaidSafe on Ubuntu 14.04.1, it is HUGE!! The process “./local_network_controller” is up and running! I’m reading the documents right now.



I did it a while back as an experiment
wget -O -| sudo apt-key add -

[replace trusty here with your version - and ubuntu with debian if needed]
sudo echo “deb trusty main” >> /etc/apt/sources.list

sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install maidsafe-dev

Yes you are right it does not.

Definitely we will help you there as much as we can.

I am making some changes in routing/vaults with the team soon you won’t need a local network controller. We are reverting to this thing will jsut start and be hard to stop approach. The LNC was to prevent to many nodes starting and provide a key sharing mechanism in an isolated test network,. I dislike it and am heading for a start find nodes and create a network. To separate it you will need to unplug your router :slight_smile:

@BenMS will help out we are changing some installers just now. This kind of help would be phenomenal for us, we would use an apt repo to update the testnets etc. automatically.

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Maybe a docker image would be ideal? A single, consistent environment may give a better user experience and be easier to maintain.

Edit: just saw this: Docker Hub

Is it still being maintained?

No it was also me playing around, if I had the time I would update it. After this sprint to testnet3 I should really update it as testnet3 code is very different.

55k downloads?! Am I reading that right? Pretty popular container!


I wouldn’t be surprised if there are a few orders of magnitude more people keeping a close eye on MaidSafe than there are participants in these forums :wink:


AWESOME!! Thank you for your answers!

I’ll take a look at the packages that already exists…

I really appreciate that!

Cool! This is my first contact with MaidSafe software, so far, so good! But, I’ll need much more research before starting to understand how it works and, what you’re talking about! :stuck_out_tongue:

My Ubuntu have both IPv4 (fake) and IPv6 (real) connectivity (dual-stacked), plus, an IPv6 Hyperboria Address… It is already listening everywhere!

I would like to work on this packages… I already bought a few MaidSafeCoins, so, this packaging will be part of my investment on this project. Of course, only if I managed to make it work… :smile:

Also, I have an experience with Jenkins… I just redesigned a Jenkins server, it now builds, package and publishes the Debian / Ubuntu packages straight into an APT Repo, managed (and signed) by reprepro. Do you guys have interest on this kind of approach?


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While I think that Docker is an amazing technology, I also think that plain Ubuntu / Debian, with native packages are the minimal requirement to begin with.

For me, there is nothing better than “apt-get update ; apt-get upgrade”, to get a newer version of a software.

So, right after the creation of the Debian packages of MaidSage, we can start building the Docker images. This way, we can assure that every single installation will be precisely the same. I mean, physical nodes, virtual nodes, containers nodes and cloud instances, will all be the same.

With a professional APT Repository ready to go, it will become easier to maintain updated the Docker images as well. Plus, maybe we can upload it to Debian official repository, or to Ubuntu main repo… We can even provide a “Tasksel” during the Ubuntu/Debian installation process, then, to install a “Farming Node”, just “wait for / or run” “tasksel” and select “MaidSafe Farmer” from the list.

Also, Docker isn’t a Virtual Machine, it wasn’t designed to run multiple process per container (AFAIK), so, it is a bit limited. You’ll end up running lots of containers, each one with its own MaidSafe process, each one with own IP and etc…

Just my two Safecoin cents… :slight_smile:


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I just registered the project MaidSafe at website. Here it is:

I did this to safeguard its namespace.



The problem is ensuring all the dependencies are present and using the correct versions. If you take a bare bones Linux image and then just add what you need - potentially compiled from source to suit - then you have created a consistent, clean room, portable, environment.

Also, a docker container can run as many or as few processes as you wish. You can (and should in many cases) break down a complex application into multiple containers to create services and even micro services, but only when viable/suitable.

The real benefit of using containers is the portability. Being able to download an exact copy of the working application, complete with all dependencies, to any x86 compatible machine is a powerful utility.

Edit: btw, I am not arguing for no packages. It just may be easier to support multiple platforms more easily at this stage without going down the packaged route. There is also the added benefit of additional isolation from other applications. Ofc, you could run safe net client under a different user, but I suspect many would not.

@Traktion If you are into docker it is easy to do a MaidSafe build and publish a docker image, so feel free to have a go and announce it on the forum.

It has been a while since I did a build, but that is a good idea. I will try to make time to do this… Time is always against me though these days.

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This would be a great help if you can pull it off…would take the load off the core devs :wink:

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Alright, I just to added the repo to my qemu ubuntu trusty machine and it installed fine… but I guess that’s it?!

The only executables that are included in the maidsafe-dev package are batch files for Windows?!

@ThiagoCMC If you need help, let me know, I’d be willing to help out. When we get the debian/ubuntu packages up and running, I would go ahead and create aur packages for arch.

Yes it’s mainly headers and a single monolithic lib (the lib contains maidsafe boost cryptopp and more) so really a dev helper as opposed to exe’s.

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Hi I’m interested to know if it will be possible to package Maidsafe for the official Debian repo? I read there was a possible issue with Rust packages and the way they compile being incompatible with Debian packaging ?

The reason I think this is important is that Freedombox uses the official Debian repo and I think a possible route to get adoption is to sell people a pre-configured box that had a nice Webui

Will it be possible to get Maidsafe into the official Debian Repos?



Hi @sam_uk I can’t answer that specific question, but expect someone from MaidSafe will look into it at some point, but perhaps not for a while, because the plan initially is for MaidSafe to provide their own repositories, which will include support for various distros - including Debian I hope! - but then I’m not aware of the compatibility issue you raise. As for the freedom box, that is certainly a good reason to sort this, and get into the Debian repos. Thanks for pointing both these things out. I think @Ross is the man to pick up on this.

Hi @anon86652309 I spotted this: & looks like you were playing with it do you know if the official repos will use the same syntax?

eg ? I’m thinking of playing around with some SD card ISO’s for the Cubietruck and possibly some scripts, It would be nice if I could use the real URLs now rather than having to recreate the ISO on the day of release.