Rust and Debian packaging

Just a quick question. I happened to bump into a conversation on Reddit about potential issues with maintaining debian packages built with Rust. I won’t pretend to understand this much, here is a link:

This seems to imply that updating might be difficult for debian - or am I missing something. Just wondering if I need to start looking into Arch Linux :stuck_out_tongue:

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This is all down to the nazis deciding Debian’s package policies not liking how dynamic Rust is. Basically they don’t want Rust dynamically updating libraries as it’s compiling applications, because they have come to the conclusion that this is somehow inherently terrible.
This is entirely a Debian problem, there is no issue in Rust, it’s just that Debian’s developers are clinging to an archaic model of package management.

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well, I wouldn’t go that far. I’m not really sure how big an issue this is for MAIDSAFE - or even if it’s an issue at all. There are also many good reason’s (from what I told anyway) for why Debian has this policy. In any case, There are other flavors of Linux. I’ve just been using debian or debian-based for a long time now (quite happy with it).

I know nothing more than suggested but wonder it’ll be a nuisance if this suggests Linux: Debian users must build their own rather than pull from a repository. Building is simple enough but for noob users it’s a big step… took me a while to understand that it is just trivial copy paste to terminal.

From TFA:

One might say that Cargo solves this problem, but Debian packages are not allowed to make HTTP downloads while building a package.

Completely reasonable, IMO.
Any compromised dependency source could compromise Debian build servers.

People can build from source, and MaidSafe can build and distribute packages from their own repo.
Move along, nothing to see here.


What is MAIDSAFE? …

Is MAIDSAFE not just the full acronym?.. ~Massive Array of Internet Disks [Safe Access For Everyone]… but SAFE is now the preferred acronym.

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