Safenet as a debian package?

Sorry for unearthing this old (and regular) topic, but I did read discussions about safenet on Debian which are now 3 years old :

Then I had a look at
but didn’t find anything with : maidsafe, safenet, or safe browser ?

Did I miss something ?


I’m looking forward to this too … but suspect it won’t happen until beta.

The official Debian repositories are often ancient. What I would like to see is a PPA for Ubuntu based systems, and maybe AUR for Arch. Ideally all Safenet related programs would be packaged and put in the PPA, thus facilitating automatic updating through apt-get, without having to check the forums for possibly updated packages. How do e.g. @Shane and @joshuef feel about this?

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As I understand it, the Safe Browser (and other related tools) already support deb, RPM, AppImage, apk, etc. Getting your app to use the Launchpad PPA is trivial, and I can’t see any reason why Maidsafe wouldn’t choose to support this.

The only reason why the tool isn’t yet available via package managers is because it isn’t officially live yet. I imagine once we go in to public beta, this will become a non-concern and it will be available via all popular package manager systems.

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I’m sure it will be so eventually. It would just be really nice to have the PPA now for easier testing. Not just the CMS, of course, but everything Safenet related.

Got git?

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Yes, I have git.
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Some users trust their own skills in skimming through source code and ensuring it is trustworthy: They are comfortable pulling sources from git and build themselves.

Some users trust the code authors to ensure that their code is trustworthy: They are comfortable installing packages built by MaidSafe.

Some users trust an independent software distribution team in ensuring that MaidSafe code is trustworthy: They are comfortable installing packages built by their choice of operating system distribution.

For the latter groups, I suggest discussing packages at Maidsafe on a - and for those in the very latter group I suggest to discuss at Getting maidsafe on the freedombox server - as this discussing seems to have turned into a comparison of approaches (despite intentions of the initial question)