Trying out MaidSafe development environment (e.g. with Qt framework)

Reading this;

Windows 7, gone. Ubuntu up and running - should I just go straight to getting Qt up; or MaidSafe build first?

Code editors for Ubuntu?

super noob questions :x:

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Any editor will do I use vim, qt-creator is popular. Link QT in your app if you wish. We will focus on installers for maidsafe-dev adn @viv is progressing the porting for language bindings (some very neat stuff there).

IF you want to try the dev env in ubuntu automatically then do

wget -O -| sudo apt-key add -

[replace trusty here with your version - and ubuntu with debian if needed]
sudo echo "deb trusty main" >> /etc/apt/sources.list

sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install maidsafe-dev
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get permission denied here;

bash: /etc/apt/sources.list: Permission denied

Are you definately typing sudo ?

yes certain,

should the dev environment be without encrypted disk, passwords etc? to avoid any interruptions by the os?

(sensitive stuff won’t be here)

Seems weird it works for others. Perhaps sudo is not working, can you do

sudo ls

and see if it either asks for a password or does ls ?

This is a fully static monolithic library and headers. So all you need to do is point your editor at it and make programs, no need to worry.

so something like

g++ -L /opt/maidafe/lib/libmaidsafe.a -I /opt/maidsafe/include

And this will allow access to the full API as well as boost/cereal etc. You can see all the headers in /opt/maidsafe/include/

The top level is our client app API, but you can get at everything else to.

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I did sudo ls entered the password and got the file list;

let me try again.

permmission denied.

Seems then you should use this mechanism

echo ‘deb trusty main’ | sudo tee --append /etc/apt/sources.list

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yes yes yes yes!

and now Qt creator - 5 min while it downloads

done and installed;


-L means link and points to a lib
-I is an include path

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I see all of these:
boost cereal cryptopp leveldb maidsafe sqlite

this is amazing; I have a good feeling about the ease to get going with scribing;

though linking part:
I run the g++ command; and need to make a fiel first;

g++ runs fatal error: no input files


time, slow down

Yes this is right the dev environment should save a ton of time and ease setup etc.

There is a bug in that one, you will need to copy the /opt/maidsfe/include/boost/boost/* to opt/maidsfe/include/boost/ (i.e. back one dir) apart from that your good to go and code anything :slight_smile:

Use cp command to copy from /boost/boost to /boost


cp -r /opt/maidsafe/include/boost/boost/* /opt/maidsafe/include/boost/

dont forget the *

this will compile code

g++ -std=gnu++11 newtest.cpp -L /opt/maidsafe/lib/libmaidsafe.a -I /opt/maidsafe/include

LOL there was nothing to this ^^ it just compiles the code with those libraries; so if I’m writing a software and using methods from the libraries in the includes; it means I can call things from cryptopp from boost; whatever I like from there and maidsafe, and the compiler will know where they exist and the object it makes I can run it and it will work with the libraries, and the methods I chose from those libraries!

now onto the real stuff. libraries libraries.
though first there’s a project I started earlier in the week that needs a done on my part.

Revised, much excitement and bunch of other stuff todo at the original writing

@dirvine +1,000,000 for assistances. /bow

dally@Lama:~$ g++ -std=gnu++11 newtest.cpp -L /opt/maidsafe/lib/libmaidsafe.a -I /opt/maidsafe/include